Time to become nuts about nuts

Pistachios, almonds, walnuts… I enjoy eating them all and it seems it is an excellent idea as TreeHugger reports, quoting a 30-year study from the New England Journal of Medicine, which analysed data of over 100,000 people ” Researchers found that those people who ate 1 ounce (28 grams) of nuts daily, seven days a … Read more

How to do your spring cleaning naturally

A long time ago, when Verda Vivo’s author was still writing her awesome blog, I discovered that you could clean up with natural products. Ever since, I have been using vinegar for some of my cleaning. So if you are new to natural cleaning products, you can check Verda Vivo’s articles or this new one, … Read more

Composting matters

Compost cycleWithin my current involvement with the local JCI, I have been collecting information about biodegradable waste and composting. This is a question of importance as more than 30 percent of French waste could be biodegradable.

Meanwhile, recyclable waste – paper, cartons, glasses – represent just one percent more and are sorted out and recycled. I thus believe food leftovers, fruits and vegetable peelings, coffee and tea waste belong to a special bin.

This would have a lot of advantages as we will see in today’s post and I hope this will be as common as sorting out recyclables in a decade.

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French people waste food too…

The French TV channel France 5 dedicates a week to food waste [Fr]. This is due to sensitize people as French people throw away a staggering 21 percent of the food they buy. What a shame ! This amounts to six million tonnes of wasted food, up to twenty kilograms per year per person. Supermarkets … Read more

Towards sustainability, reloaded : transport

(Word of caution : this is a repost from an old series) For the fourth installment of these series – see the previous articles on heating, electricity and water– I would like to propose you a selection of the best tips to help you using less your car.

Doing so is good for your health, your budget, your community and our common environment. It is also one of the most efficient step to cut your greenhouse gases emissions.

Spring is the best moment to do so as the weather is becoming more clement and allows to get back on our bikes. It is also the best way to prepare for summer.

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Ditch the chocolate snack, eat organic apples

Last year I was inviting you to ditch the sodas and drink tea instead. Today I would like to invite you to ditch the chocolate snack to eat organic apples instead. Apples taste great and can reduce your cholesterol.

Forbes has a great article on organic apples and provide not one or two but five reasons why you should organic ones. I hope this will convince you to join me in eating organic fruits.

Indeed, I have taken the habit of eating one each day during my daily work and have found they are great in stopping me from being hungry.

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Towards sustainability, reloaded : electricity

For the second part of this series – the first one was on heating – we are having a look at electricity consumption of households and the various ways we can decrease it.

This will enable you to have lower energy bills – always a good thing with the hard times we have – to cut your carbon dioxide emissions and thus enable you to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

From your lightning to the various appliances around you, the opportunities for savings are numerous and this post propose you a selection of three.

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A reflection on CFLs and leaving them on

I would like to share with you some personal experience on energy efficiency and sobriety as I got back for a few days to visit my parents. I then noticed my dad has the bad habit of letting some CFLs on.

I told him that this really wasn’t good for their purse and our common planet. I also reminded him that leaving lights on in empty rooms is just pure waste since nobody benefits from them.

His answer was that since they consume very little energy and this is thus absolutely not a big deal. Is he right ? Or am I ?

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Is organic food really better ?

One of my latest stride toward sustainability has been eating organic fruits. Indeed, after slashing my energy and water use and traveling as much as I could by train, I guess it was the natural next step.

So when Grist publishes an article on how organic food is ” not really better for you or the planet ” I am really wondering : Am I doing something bad ? Scientific American – which published the original article – brings us data.

This question is interesting, as organic food and beverages made $26.7 billion last year alone in the United States.

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Lifestyle tip : ditch the sodas, drink tea

Not so long ago, I hated tea and saw it like a drink for elders or respected Englishmen (or my parents…). But with time I evolved, mostly thanks to my discovery of green tea with mint in Morocco.

Now there is hardly a day where I don’t drink a pint of tea. Darjeeling and Earl Grey are my favorite with the aforementioned green tea. Tea has many advantages over sodas

Daryl wrote over two years ago a compelling article on why you should stop drinking sodas. It’s bad for your health, your wallet and the environment.

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Do computers outpace cars as vehicle of self-expression ?

As a young urbanite, I don’t own a car. Indeed, cars are very expensive nowadays – with oil costing more than 1.50 euro per liter, or $8 a gallon – and public transportation make it quite easy to ditch your car in Paris.

However, I own a computer. I believe it is making a statement about me as I carefully chose each component and assembled them all by myself.  I now have a silent and nice computer that consumes little energy on my desk at home.

Even if I wouldn’t turn down an offer for a Ford Gran Torino (pictured above, ala Starsky and Hutch) or a 1970 Mustang (sorry for the clichés), I don’t need a car, I don’t want a car.

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