Latest news of the Great green wall of Africa

With over 1,300 articles published here so far, it is sometimes hard to keep up with old topics. So for today’s post I would like to present you an update of the Great green wall of Africa

Back to 2010 I was writing that several African countries are willing to stop the Sahara desert to keep its southward expansion by planting millions of trees on almost 8,000 km (4,300 miles)

It seems the project is gaining speed as it received almost two billion dollars from the World Bank and as Senegal already planted more than 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres)

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Saving rainforests with the UN-REDD program

time-magazine-banking-on-treesWhile in the train going to Paris to attend the Green Job forum I read an interesting article on how banking on trees could enable us to fight off climate change and give money to enable developing nations to protect their forests.

The United Nations REDD program – Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries – may enable us to do just that by financing the protection of existing rainforests.

Time Magazine investigated in Indonesia’s Aceh province as the country is the third greenhouse gases emitter behind China and the United States because of its massive deforestation.

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Turning a landfill into a beautiful garden

Last weekend I visited a very nice garden in the Vosges, Les Jardins de Callunes [Fr]. It has the particularity to have been created where a landfill was previously.

It is impressive how Nature got back where previously stood waste of all kinds. Will we be able to turn all our landfills in such wonderful gardens?

This was also the opportunity for me to practice photography and I propose you a selection of the best pictures I took there.

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