How the Middle East is turning to the sun for energy

When one thinks of the Middle East nowadays, oil comes to mind. But with solar photovoltaic booming right now all around the region and beyond, this might not be the case in twenty or thirty years.

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Mosques are going solar too

I previously wrote that there are solar panels on the Vatican and some churches. Likewise, I reported that Christians are urged by to act on climate by Pope Francis. Now, Muslims are also starting to cover their mosques with solar panels too.

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World Bank funds solar projects in North Africa

Solar energy in desertsThe World Bank via its Clean Technology Fund is investing $750 million (522 million euros) in eleven concentrating solar plants in the Middle East and North Africa region. This is due to spur additional investments worth $4.85 billion.

These projects are due to add nearly a gigawatt of capacity to local grids within three to five years in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia and would triple the current concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity.

I wonder if this could be a significant boost to the DESERTEC project as it is exactly about building renewable energy facilities in these countries.

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Jordan, Chile and many others are going nuclear

nuclear-reactorLast week Jordan announced plans to build a nuclear reactor by 2013. Other are due to follow.  This is done to answer the country’s energy needs which are due to double by 2030. This is a big issue as Jordan imports 95% of its energy.

It is the opportunity to focus on an interesting article on how nuclear interests as much as 60 new countries. To date 30 nations are already using this energy source to bring gigawatts of low carbon electricity to their grids.

A low carbon alternative to oil and coal, whose productions are likely to peak sooner than expected, nuclear deserves to me a more positive look.

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