Five reasons to oppose nuclear

One of the most read articles on this blog is ” 10 reasons to support nuclear power “, which I wrote in 2009 when the situation was very different. A lot happened since thenĀ that has made me reconsider my stance on nuclear, so here is a counter-point.

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An overview of future fusion nuclear technologies

For the fourth and last part of my nuclear series and after reviewing 10 reasons to support nuclear, the past and present of this energy source and a review of the main fission future solutions we are finishing with fusion.

Contrary to future fission solutions, fusion won’t happen before mid-century as it is the exact opposite of current fission reactors. Instead of breaking large atoms, fusion aggregates small atoms to create larger ones.

This is what happens in any star like our sun. As this endeavor is very complex and costly, I believe we shouldn’t think of fusion to solve our current climate and energy problems.

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Could fusion be a solution to our problems ?

iterEven if energy efficiency is today’s best solution to all our climate change and energy scarcity problemsĀ  (see why), I was thinking that I never wrote here about fusion, the future of nuclear energy.

Due to be environmentally friendly and even safer than current nuclear with fission, fusion will provides us tremendous amounts of energy once it will be ready for commercialization.

Today’s article will have a look at the current main project on fusion, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor also known as ITER.

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