21 countries decouple economic growth from emissions

21 countries from Austria to the United States have cut their greenhouse gases emissions while growing their economies in the past 15 years. This proves that decoupling economic growth and greenhouse gases emissions is feasible. 

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The European Union already cut its emissions by 23 percent

While the European Union officials – not ” leaders ” – keep on clinging to 20 % emissions reductions by 2020, the Union has already slashed its emissions by 23 percent. This is taking place ahead of the Paris Climate Conference later this year.

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The Carbon tax works : the Irish example

Irish flagsWe have seen quite a few times that a carbon tax makes a lot of sense as it could literally help solve our most pressing problems : our warming climate and our broken economy. Well, it already does in Ireland.

As the New York Times reports – who else could get such great news ? – Ireland set up a carbon tax three years ago and its carbon emissions has been dropping significantly thanks to it.

If the Irish can do it, why couldn’t the entire European Union, or other rich countries, do it ? While some are just doing nothing, some are acting, and reaping profits. Good job Ireland !

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Ireland to go green, with 40 percent renewables

I have fond memories of my year in Ireland when I was studying for my Bachelor of Arts at the Dublin Institute of Technology. This is why I am particularly happy to note that the country has ambitious renewable energies goals for 2020.

Ireland is indeed willing to have 40 percent of its electricity coming from renewable energy sources by 2020 compared to only around 13 percent today. As you can imagine, this will require a lot of commitment.

This may be feasible as the country has for obvious reasons one of the best potentials in wind and ocean energy in the continent.

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EU countries could pay back their debts With renewables

” What if the European Union solved the triple crisis – economy, energy, environment – by solving the financial one ? Alice Stollmeyer sent me last week a link of project to do just that. “ ” Some European nations – Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal – are owing more and more money to the European … Read more

Ireland to invest billions on energy

According to The Guardian and Cleantech, Ireland plans to invest 22 billions euros on renewable energies and “smart” and efficient systems over the next 12 years.

Half of this money will be invested in wind, wave and tidal energies and biomass. This is due to cut by half the greenhouse gases emissions by 2020.

An interesting prospect for this country which might set an example for other countries in developed countries

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