Footsie launches interesting tool for divestment

As the NRDC noted : ” The Natural Resources Defense Council, BlackRock and FTSE Group, the global index provider, partnered today in launching the first equity global index series that will exclude companies linked to carbon-based fossil fuel. “ ” The new investment tool will allow climate-conscious investors, including foundations, universities and certain pension groups, to match … Read more

A trillion dollar a year in cleantech is needed

UN Christiana FigueresA thousand billion dollars, this the kind of money we need to invest every year to keep the world from warming more than two degrees Celsius, according to the UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, quoting IEA figures.

In an interview with the Guardian, she stated that investments in clean technologies have to at least triple – from around $300 billion currently –  in the next 15 years to avert a climate catastrophe.

Doing this would require involving the world’s biggest investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and investment managers, which control about $76tn in assets.

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Climate inaction is bad for investors

Green investments are good investmentsTo Climate Progress : ” A new survey of investors and asset managers from around the world revealed rapidly growing concern that national policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions are “inadequate, inconsistent and halting.”

” The report was put together by the Global Investor Coalition On Climate Change. Together it represents 84 different firms — including both owners and managers — with a combined total of $14 trillion in assets. “

” (…) But underlying the numbers is a growing frustration that national governments are not doing enough to lay down consistent and long-term policies. “

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Wallonia to have 30 % clean electricity by 2016

To Enerdata : ” The Government of Wallonia has set a target of 30% for green electricity production in 2016. To achieve this, the Walloon Government will ask energy suppliers to acquire an increased number of green certificates.” ” The current quota that providers must acquire is 16%. Until now, quotas were increased every year … Read more

More investors demand climate change action

We have seen previously that large investors completely understand how climate change mitigation is critical. Last year, more than 200 investors representing $13 trillion in assets demanded action on climate.

Now, according to the United Nations, the movement is growing to 259 investors with $15 trillion in assets. This represents over a quarter of global market capitalization…

If companies like Allianz and HSBC are willing to act, why are some countries still stalling progress on this vital topic ? Why can’t they just follow the examples of the European Union and many others ?

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Could Wall Street pay for your home renovation ?

I know it since my Master’s Thesis : insulating buildings and installing efficient renewable energies heaters is one of the most important ways to cut our fossil fuels consumption and greenhouse gases emissions.

Meanwhile,according to a report published by Ernst & Young investing in energy efficiency is in vogue as required investments are lower and as returns are most of the time faster. (cf the Green Inc. article for more)

In these conditions, could financial institutions like stock markets pay for your home insulation ? GreenTech Enterprise tackles the issue and comes to interesting conclusions.

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Investors demand strong climate change action

money-pink-floydWhile many governments are slow to action, nearly 200 investors from around the world – led by Sir Nicholas Stern – are demanding strong climate change action as they see warming temperatures as a threat to the global economy.

As the United Nations Environment Program notes : ” The world’s largest global investors issued a joint call today for strong action this year from international policy makers in the fight against global warming. ”

” (…) Signed by 181 investors collectively managing more than $13 trillion in assets, today’s investor statement is the largest of its kind on climate change in world history. “

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