How I helped make better solar panels, and how you can

wcg-solarAs you might perhaps have read in an earlier blog post, I am giving part of my computer calculation capacities to scientific projects close to my heart such as cancers, AIDS and of course, solar energy via the World Community Grid.

As I was wondering if all this energy – and thus money – had been wisely invested, I went to the World Community Grid official website and found news that made me quite happy as The Clean Energy Project data has been published !

” Thanks to World Community Grid volunteers, Harvard has published data about the suitability of 2.3 million organic compounds for converting sunlight into electricity.

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Feeling down about climate ? Read this

PessimismGiven how climate change is VERY serious and how little we are currently working on it, it’s easy to feel a bit under the weather. No wonder more and more people are feeling anxious about their near future or what world they will leave to their children.

This week I came across two posts on that very topic. Climate Progress, as usual provides great information and advice. And so does Grist and their great columnist, Umbra. I strongly urge you to read both articles in full as they really are giving hope.

But the main point is : each and everyone of us has part of the key to a more sustainable – and simply a livable – world. So there is no reason to feel depressed if we act.

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A cleantech revolution is taking place in the USA

I really enjoy infographics as they enable to gather a lot of information in a few moments. The latest I found via Twitter (see left) is on how a cleantech revolution is already taking place in the United States of America. Indeed, since 2007, energy efficiency, renewables like solar and wind (as well as natural … Read more

Every company needs a corporate energy manager

This was the title of a great article published on CleanTechies. Focusing on the energy part of the Chief Sustainability Officer – my green dream job – it is bringing a lot of interesting informations and examples.

Advocating improved energy purchasing and efficiency, I believe it should be read by any business-minded person or manager as each and every company can benefit from such practices.

This is no surprise as I have been advocating energy efficiency time and again here as the panacea to all our energy and climate problems.

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An image is worth a thousand words

US oil importsNothing could be more true with infographics as they combine data and images. As Cool Infographics notesĀ  “Charts and graphs can communicate data; Infographics turn data into information.”

This is a fantastic tool to understand complex topics like energy in general or for example how the United States rely too much on foreign oil andĀ  as the image on the left explains.

Many blogs exist and provide infographics on various topics; I decided to propose you a selection of great examples on environmental, climate change and energy.

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