15 reasons to divest from oil as soon as you can

We have seen that divesting from oil companies is a moral question but it is also a sound economic advice as more and more financial analyst are saying, to the point of ” fossil fuels are the next subprime danger “ as I blogged last year.

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France simply won’t give into fracking

For my second post on Cleantechies in less than a week, I bring good news from my home country, France, as it is stepping away from polluting, nefarious and dangerous fossil fuels : shale oil and gas retrieved via fracking. ” I reported previously here on Cleantechies that in 2011 France was the first country … Read more

Seven reasons against fracking

Reading about energy and environmental issues most if not every single day, I stumble upon many articles on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and their staggering negative effects.

For today’s article I would like to propose you a summary of all the reasons I have found to be against this dirty energy source. I have counted as many as seven but I guess there are more.

In today’s post I will review in depth these reasons, so that next time you have the arguments to counter the people believing this is a solution your country or the world should consider.

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My review of Promised Land

Promised Land, with Matt Damon I don’t publish movie reviews here anymore as I generally do that elsewhere. But tonight I watched a movie with a strong energy / environment connotation, so here is my review of Promised Land.

Featuring Matt Damon in the main role, Promised Land is about a fossil fuel company trying to buy drilling rights from farmers and land owners in a small Pennsylvania community.

While the movie’s story and the questions it raises are interesting if not crucial to many, I believe it could have been made better. IMDB gives it a 6.5, which is not that bad.

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Why I am against fracking

I was pleased to see the previous French conservative government had banned fracking and I am equally pleased to see that the new liberal government – elected in May – kept it banned.

So there is a political consensus against it, at least in France. This is a good thing as fracking is, let us not mince words, dangerous. This was clearly shown in the recent European report.

Hydraulic fracturing uses a lot of water, contaminates water tables, both being a huge problem as droughts are becoming more and more frequent as climate warms.

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France first country to ban fracking

” Last week the French government was the first to enact a law forbidding hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking”. This technology enables to recover shale gas via the use of massive amounts of water and chemicals.” ” The former remaining afterward polluted, hence the controversy. The law had been discussed by both the lower … Read more

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