Putting the A/C at the right temperature

Air conditioning is a fantastic invention as it allows to remain cool when temperatures are reaching 30°C and even 40°C. However, in many buildings around the world, the A/C is not set at the right temperature. As the New York times noted : “Without fail, every year since moving to Hong Kong, I get a… Continue reading Putting the A/C at the right temperature

A great idea for tiny apartments

In the age of scarcity, space can be a very expensive commodity. Hong Kong architect Gary Chang had an awesome idea to solve this : he transformed his 32 square meters appartment into a much bigger one with sliding walls. This very simple yet ingenious idea allows him to have in a relatively secluded place many… Continue reading A great idea for tiny apartments

Great astrophotographies – February 2010

This is time for me to present my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). As always, this month was packed with beautiful images. It was as always difficult to select just ten. My favorite picture for this month is Dark Shuttle Approaching, a picture taken from the International… Continue reading Great astrophotographies – February 2010

Air pollution in Hong Kong

As I wrote previously on this website an article on China and the pollution issues it is facing, I wanted to go deeper in this important problem. This is why I will exemplify with the case of the Hong Kong administrative region. Hong Kong (also known as HK) is a 6.9-million people urban area constituted… Continue reading Air pollution in Hong Kong