China’s holistic approach to combatting climate change

For long, China was seen as a climate villain, fuelling its amazing economic growth by burning more and more coal. But times are changing, and the People’s Republic is emerging as a climate leader. 

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USA unveil $53 billion high speed rail investments

American high speed rail supporters, rejoice ! To Ecogeek : ” Vice President Joe Biden announced that the Obama administration is investing $53 billion in high speed rail development over the next six years.”

Yes, you read it right : President Obama is really willing to invest nearly 40 billion euros in high speed rail to enable 80 percent of Americans to have access to this great alternative to both private cars and planes.

As a long time supporter of public transportation, I am absolutely thrilled by this announcement. This should enable the country to start catching up with European countries, Japan and China

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Can China build three fast rail transcontinental networks ?

While reading CleanTechnica I came across a tremendously huge project : link via high speed rail Asia and Europe. This network would enable to go from London to Beijing in only two days.

Within ten years, the three networks would transport people and goods alike and would link 17 nations – including India, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia – at 320 kilometres per hour (200 mph).

If completed, this project would be a fantastic alternative to air travel. Will the 21st century be another golden age for rail travel ?

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574.8 kph !

This is the speed achieved today by the French Train à Grande Vitesse (high speed train) hence breaking the previous world record of 515 kph dated from 1990. This world record is interesting as train is releasing much less greenhouse gases than planes.

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European fast train line inaugurated today

The French fast line train for the East of Europe (known here as the TGV Est Européen) due to start in June and inaugurated today will bring Paris to Stuttgart or Frankfurt in only 3 hours and 30 minutes against 6 hours previously. Major cities like Strasbourg or Reims will also benefit from shorter transportation times.

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