West-facing panels help solve solar energy’s main problem

There is mounting evidence than West-facing solar panels produce more electricity during peak demand, and thus solve solar’s main problem.

Hawaii could be entirely powered by geothermal

Could Hawaii be entirely powered by geothermal, just like Iceland ? To Industry Intelligence : ” Hawaii Island has geothermal potential of 500 to 700 MW, enough to easily exceed its energy demand of 90 to 185 MW “ You think this would be a  senseless move ? Think again, to the report carried out … Read more

A creative idea for the plastic in our oceans

I don’t know if this the most interesting or the craziest idea I came across this year : WHIM Architecture outlined a plan to create Recycled Island which would collect plastic in our oceans and use it to build an Hawaii-sized island. On top of cleaning our oceans from all this mess this project could … Read more

Plastic, a curse of our time

I was reading the Arctic Circle, the comics strip (left) provided by the Daily Green, and this reminded me I never wrote about what is referred to as the Pacific Trash Vortex.

Spreading from California to Japan and Hawaii, it is the world’s largest dump and the biggest sign – with the billion tonnes of CO2 – that we have gone way to far in polluting our planet.

But the Pacific is not the only one: all our oceans are polluted by million tons of plastic. I collected for today’s post two articles on that most dreadful fact.

Read more

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