So many climate related news in such a short time

Dear all, for my first post in over a month and a half, there is so much I need to write about as a lot happened in this vast world of ours on climate change mitigation.

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The Lima Minima : it’s up to us

This weekend the climate negotiations within the United Nations ended in Lima, Peru and most if not all media outlets are expressing their discontent and show how little real progress was achieved.

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IPCC solutions to a warming world are cheap

IPCC AR5 WGIIII reported recently that the IPCC is publishing this year its fifth assessment report (AR5). The last working group has published its own report and it has come to the climate change solutions we have to put in place.

The good news is : it’s going to be really cheap, only a mere, tiny, itsy bitsy 0.06 percent of global GDP per annum. The bad news : we have to act fast or it is will either impossible or really expensive.

As I have reported before, clean energy prices have decreased sharply in the past few years, so now is the best time to go massively in solar, wind and energy efficiency.

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Global Forest Watch to fight deforestation

Deforestation is a large driver of increasing greenhouse gases emissions and an important environmental issue as every minute of every day the equivalent of 50 football fields of trees are being cut down. But this could change soon. The World Resources Institute, Google, USAid, and UNEP, and many more institutions and companies have teamed up … Read more

Carbon tax endorsed by IMF and OECD

Carbon taxWe have seen it quite a few times in the previous months : taxing carbon is a good idea as it already works in Australia, Ireland and British Columbia. Emissions reductions have been quite noticeable in all cases.

As a result, more countries will follow suit, such as the People’s Republic of China, South Africa and even France. The government of my home country indeed has stated that it will start taxing carbon in January 2014.

As a result, taxing carbon is one of the solutions at the disposal of the nations willing to slash their greenhouse gases emissions among cutting fossil fuels subsidies.

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European Union already close to its 2020 climate goals

Here is another post on Cleantechies, this time focusing again on how the European Union is succeeding in cutting its greenhouse gases emissions, and this without even trying that hard. Here is the introduction : ” According to the European Environment Agency, the European Union is already close to its 2020 climate objectives as it … Read more

Industrialised nations cut their emissions

If you are fed up with bad news on climate change and how poorly we are acting on the largest threat to the survival of our civilization, please read further. To Reuters : ” Industrialised nations’ greenhouse gas emissions dipped 0.7 percent in 2011 “ A tiny 0.7 percent cut sure isn’t what we need, … Read more

European carbon market crashes

Here we go again ! For the second time in two weeks, I submitted another post to Cleantechies. This time I wrote about how a key European climate initiative got a major setback. Without further ado, here is the introduction : ” For a long time the European Union has been leading against climate change. … Read more

The Meat Eater’s Guide

If on your way towards sustainability you are wondering what’s the best meat to eat climate-wise, here is just what you need. The US Environmental Working Group (EWG) published a Meat Eater’s Guide with a full report and an infographic. There you will find a lot of information of what is your best source of … Read more

RGGI to cut emissions by 45 percent

RGGI logo

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was started a few years ago to cut greenhouse gases emissions in nine Northeastern States in the USA. As I noted previously, it has been so far a great success. But it is ready for more. As the New York Times reports : ” The regional group proposed a 45 … Read more

European Union can halve its emissions by 2030

Here is another Cleantechies article I wrote on how the European Union could achieve greenhouse gase emissions cuts of 50 percent by 2030. Here is the introduction : ” According to a brand new study carried out by consultancy Ecofys and commissioned by the WWF, the European Union can halve its greenhouse gases emissions by … Read more

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