Energy and the healthcare sector

This article is a slightly re-written assignment I had to write for my Certficate in Sustainable Energy Solutions at Pinchot University. Hope you will like it !

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Green and blue at the same time with Biosolar Roof

What I love about blogging is coming back to old posts with new developments and ideas. Years ago I was wondering what was the most sustainable : blue roofs (with solar panels) or green ones. Some people combine both ideas and this is a GREAT idea. 

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Green roofs and walls, a brilliant idea

Some ideas are very promising to help us in mitigating climate change and among them are green roofs and walls.

Planting grass or trees like in Manhattan (cf. picture) on top of buildings have many advantages as it decreases the air pollution, the local temperature of cities and greenhouse gases emissions and so on.

In this article I will review the various specificities of green roofs and walls and what they can bring to large and medium sized cities.

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