The COVID-19 Pandemic Throws Oil and Coal Industries in a Tailspin

(This post was published earlier this year on Medium. Sorry for the lack of content this year. Hopefully, 2021 will bring more exciting stories and analysis…) The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought our global economy to a standstill, with fears of the worst recession since 1929. Over 26 millions have already lost their jobs in … Read more

Rio20+ is another missed opportunity

The conference that took place in Rio de Janeiro last week was due to bring a new start to sustainable development. The original event which took place at the place twenty years ago and was a fiasco.

Indeed out of the 90 goals outlined at the time, only FOUR have shown improvements. And despite we hear of climate change mitigation almost every day since then, our emissions have kept on increasing and increasing.

Sustainable development is to many an empty promise. The Rio20+ conference was due to get sustainability back on rails, but it clearly has failed in this regard.

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Worth an article – my February 2012 tweets

I know, I am way late on this one. But here is my selection of most important tweets for February. There are so many great articles there you have enough to read for the next weeks.

I still believe Twitter offers a good complement to this website. So if you are on Twitter and like this selection, don’t hesitate to start following me. However, I am wondering if I should propose you a selection of my tweets each month.

It indeed takes A LOT of time. Please tell me if you want to keep it or I shall stop publishing those selections

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Solyndra and the booming US solar industry

You might have heard or read about it : Solyndra, one of the largest solar companies in the United States  – it received half a billion in federal loans – has filed for bankruptcy. It has laid off 1,100 people…

From there, you might be tempted to say that the US solar industry is going down. This is exactly the opposite as several factors are proving. 1. To Climate Progress solar is the “fastest growing industry in America” ;

2. To GreenTech Solar, the United States exported for nearly two billion USD of solar products in 2009 alone ; 3. TreeHugger noted that the industry is employing 100,000 people and will continue to hire.

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Which countries are taking the lead in the low carbon economy ?

AccountAbility in association with the UNEP released their Climate Competitiveness Index 2010. This report analyses the progress of 95 countries accounting for similar shares of greenhouse gases emissions. To the CCI :

” (i)n spite of uncertainty surrounding international climate negotiations (…) One third of countries show promising gains in low carbon economic growth since Copenhagen climate accord.

Change is indeed occuring, and occuring faster and faster as China, the United Kingdom, Spain and many other nations have fully understood that cleantech is the new arms race.

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Green economy: 90,000 new green jobs in France

Here is my latest post for CleanTechies : According to a new report [Fr] from the ADEME ( the French Environment and Energy Management Agency ) 90,000 jobs have been created in the French green growth sectors between 2006 and 2008. These jobs have been created mostly in energy conservation and the development of renewable … Read more

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