Envia, a battery breakthrough for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles suffer nowadays from two main problems : limited range and expensive price. But both problems could soon be solved if Envia Systems, a California-based company succeeded. To Climate Progress :

” Envia says its new manganese-based cathode design allows lithium cells to store almost three times the amount of energy per charge than today’s commercial lithium-ion battery packs. ”

But there is more :” The cost of cells will be less than half  (…) of cells today “. Yes, Envia could bring batteries that would triple the range while being half as cheap as today’s models.

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The end of the large cars era in the United States

One of my favorite US environmental blog – The Daily Green – published today an interesting article with a lot of data on how Americans drive less and shift to smaller cars.

With as much as 800,000 less barrels per day consumed in the first half of the year and decreasing miles driven for eight months in the row, the phenomenon is important.

US car makers are adjusting their production and stop manufacturing large cars to make smaller efficient ones. All this is very good news.

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