GE : Solar cheaper than fossil fuels by 2016

After the quite depressing news from the International Energy Agency yesterday, here is something that might cheer you up. If proven true, this could literally change everything. According to Bloomberg : ” Solar power may be cheaper than electricity generated by fossil fuels and nuclear reactors within three to five years because of innovations, said … Read more

Siemens and GE are going full speed on cleantech

According to Bloomberg : ” Siemens AG, Europe’s largest engineering company, aims to grow its sales from so-called green products designed to save energy to 40 billion euros ($55 billion) by 2014. “ But the competition is fierce and Siemens, not alone : ” Siemens’ competitor General Electric Co. said it will invest about $10 … Read more

Romania builds largest onshore wind farm in EU

wind-turbinesThis just broke in : Romania will have in 2011 the largest onshore wind farm in the European Union with 240 wind turbines accounting for no less than 600 MW of installed capacity.

This 1.1 billion Euro ($1.6 billion) project is done in order to offset the emissions of the dirty coal fired plants of the Czech power group CEZ behind this project. Please refer to the Reuters’ article for  more details on the deal.

To the data provided by CARMA, the country’s electricity needs are met with 51 percent of fossil fuels, 32 percent of hydro while the remaining comes from nuclear.

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