Cleaning up the oceans from plastic is possible

As I stated this summer in a previous article, we could clean up our oceans from plastic. Better, we could do it in a few years. That’s what Boyan Slat, a 20-year youngster from the Netherlands believe.

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Turning trash to gold : global waste market to double

A landfill signAccording to a leading American bank, the global waste industry could double to $2 trillion by 2020. This is due to as Business Green notes to ” the combination of urbanisation, looming resource shortages and environmental regulation “

This takes into account municipal and industrial waste management, recycling, waste-to-energy and sustainable packaging. Europe is seen as facing the “toughest strategic challenges ” while Asia and Latin America see the fastest growth.

Opportunities are due to abound in waste management, waste to energy (WtE), wastewater and sewage and recycling among others.

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Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten 100 times worse

This seems to come straight from a nightmare. According to Grist, the Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten a hundred times bigger in only forty years. This is a huge problem as all this pollution directly harms the local biodiversity. Turtles and fishes are the first victims but all this could also endanger zooplankton in the … Read more

Coming soon to the Antartic : a garbage patch

I previously wrote that both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans are massively polluted by plastic. The same plastic, so convenient and so ubiquituous that it is becoming a curse of our time. Now to Discovery News : Much of the global ocean remains uncharted in terms of pollution, (…). And now even the most remote, … Read more

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