Why tackling food waste is so critical

Wasted food is a serious problem around the world as to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, ”¬†Each year, 30 percent of global food production is lost after harvest or wasted in shops, households and catering services.”

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UNEP and FAO urges us to Think, Eat, Save

The United Nations Environmental Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization have launched a new campaign to end wasting so much food as 1.3 BILLION tonnes of food are thrown away each year. The Think, Eat, Save Campaign will target all stakeholders : producers, retailers and consumers as worldwide, about one-third of all food produced … Read more

FAO : Agroforestry is crucial to ensure food security

Do you remember my series of posts on how agroforestry and urban forestry could help the world solve some of its most pressing problems ? Well, it seems that the United Nations’ FAO is sharing my opinion. To their website : ” The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today called on countries to … Read more

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