21 countries decouple economic growth from emissions

21 countries from Austria to the United States have cut their greenhouse gases emissions while growing their economies in the past 15 years. This proves that decoupling economic growth and greenhouse gases emissions is feasible. 

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The Social Progress Index is an alternative to GDP

Last quarter for my Economics classes at Pinchot University I had to work – with my friend and classmate Maurice Ayella – on alternatives to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Here is what we found out.

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Wind power progresses in Northern Europe, slash coal use

Scientific American recently published an article on how coal and gas fired plants are closing in Northern Europe as wind power progresses and cut electricity prices. This trend has repercussions in Baltic countries.

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Nordic countries are committed to climate action

Northern Europe under ice and snowIn the last few days Nordic countries have been making the climate headlines twice and both moves are interesting and show a real commitment towards slashing emissions and increasing sustainbility.

The first move was done by Finland as the country is willing to purely and simply abandon using coal by 2025. This energy source is accounting for around 11 percent of its electricity generation. (compared to around a third in EU27)

The second move came from Norway as it will double the carbon tax paid by its local oil companies to help developping nations cope with climate change

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