How to go solar with these two super tools

Years ago when Google Earth was launched, we were all amazed at the levels of details provided. It was just very impressive. Now Google does it again with a most interesting feature: Google Project Sunroof.

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Biodiversity, the importance of protecting the right areas

To TreeHugger and Science Daily, protecting a mere 17 percent of the land surfaces against human exploitation would protect two third of the plant species. However, there is a catch as we have to protect the right places… So if we have to protect the most of our biodiversity, we have to find a way … Read more

Greece plans 10 GW of solar by 2050

What if the answer to all the economic and financial woes Greece is witnessing came from solar ? This is the bet the local government is willing to place as more than 16 percent of the population is unemployed. To Ecogeek :

” Greece has laid out a plan to get out of a recession and to spread renewables through the country and the EU. The plan would see the country expanding its solar capacity to 10 GW by 2050 through financing by international investors.”

Ten gigawatts of capacity in 40 years seems very little when one knows that Germany installed no less than seven gigawatts of capacity in 2010 alone.

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Global clean power: A $2.3 trillion opportunity

While browsing the people I follow on Twitter I found an interesting study from the Pew Charitable Trust noting that global clean power investments could reach $2.3 trillion by 2020. Yes, that’s 1,750 billion euros !

” the report extrapolated from 2009 clean energy investments to conclude that such financing could reach US$2.3 trillion globally if the countries in question developed policies to strongly promote solar, wind, and hydro energy. “

This paper focuses on the G20 members, which account for 85 percent of the world GDP and two thirds of the global population.

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More investors demand climate change action

We have seen previously that large investors completely understand how climate change mitigation is critical. Last year, more than 200 investors representing $13 trillion in assets demanded action on climate.

Now, according to the United Nations, the movement is growing to 259 investors with $15 trillion in assets. This represents over a quarter of global market capitalization…

If companies like Allianz and HSBC are willing to act, why are some countries still stalling progress on this vital topic ? Why can’t they just follow the examples of the European Union and many others ?

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