A renewable energy boom in Japan

In the wake of the tragic catastrophe and the nuclear incident that shook Japan in 2011, we have seen that the local government is willing to push renewable energy sources forward. Among them, solar energy and wind power.

This has led to the installation of 1,12 GW of solar PV capacity in only nine months (source). During this period over five gigawatts of clean energy capacity have been approved. This proves that the feed-in tariffs are a success.

Let’s just hope it won’t be the kind of success that will lead the government to step back (as it happened most unfortunately in France).

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French solar PV capacity hits 3,000 MW

” According to the French utility EDF, the French solar PV capacity reached in March 3,000 MW, with over 2672 MW in mainland France and 339 MW in Corsica and overseas.” ” According to the data : the total capacity grew by 15 percent this semester in metropolitan France. An additional 1,581 MW are already … Read more

Japan set ambitious 2050 goals, feed-in tariffs

Japan seems to become pretty serious about climate change as it will soon make official a law mandating for 80 percent cuts of greenhouse gases emissions¬† by 2050 (compared to 1990, just in line with IPCC recommendations) Not totally unrelated to these most commendable goals, the country enacted generous feed-in tariffs for solar, wind and … Read more

Japan adopts feed-in tariff to boost renewables

To Bloomberg : ” Japan approved a bill today to subsidize electricity from renewable sources, joining European nations in shifting away from nuclear power after the Fukushima reactor meltdowns in March.” ” (…) The bill allows for incentives that guarantee above-market rates for wind, solar and geothermal energy. The so-called feed- in tariff created a … Read more

Thailand to install 4.300 MW of renewables

According to Renewable Energy World, Thailand is on its way to install more than four gigawatts of renewable energy capacity in the very next years thanks to an innovative feed-in tariffs system dedicated to small local projects. Solar thermal and biomass constitute the majority of projects with 1,400 MW and 2,100 MW respectively. Since the … Read more

France cuts solar PV feed in tariffs by 12 percent

Here is another article on CleanTechies : ” Feed-in tariffs for industrial installations in France decreased by 12 percent beginning on September 1st. This move was done to prevent overheating in the sector. According to the French Minister for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Town, Mr. Jean-Louis Borloo, the objective of having 5,400 MW of … Read more

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