Killing King Coal is the First Step Towards Halving Our Emissions

As I have spent some sleepless nights since the latest IPCC report on how Mankind has to halve its carbon emissions by 2030. For both the European Union and the United States of America, the first step in doing so is killing King Coal. As we shall see, this is already currently happening, it is the moral … Read more

Portugal shows leadership in renewable energy

Cleantechies recently changed hands and got a new design. This makeover is the occasion for them to focus a bit more on contributors. I thus have a brand new author page. It looks great so go and check it out ! Now here is my latest article there, this time focusing on another success story … Read more

Hydrofluorocarbons could be phased out soon

HydrofluorocarbonsAccording to the White House website : “ the United States and China will work together and with other countries to use the expertise and institutions of the Montreal Protocol to phase down the consumption and production of hydrofluorocarbons “

Now that’s some good news are HFCs are very potent greenhouse gases. As Bloomberg noted : ” HFCs make up about 1 percent of greenhouse gases and may account for more than 20 percent by 2050.

As Grist notes, the European Union is also pushing into this direction. This could mean an agreement on HFCs could be reached quite soon.

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European carbon market crashes

Here we go again ! For the second time in two weeks, I submitted another post to Cleantechies. This time I wrote about how a key European climate initiative got a major setback. Without further ado, here is the introduction : ” For a long time the European Union has been leading against climate change. … Read more

European Union overestimated the role of biofuels

To the New York Times green blog : ” The European Union is overestimating the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions achieved through reliance on biofuels as a result of a “serious accounting error” Here is further evidence that biofuels aren’t really the answer we are looking for. If you have been reading this blog for … Read more

Poland and Lithuania are thinking about nuclear

While the decisions of both Germany and Switzerland to stop using nuclear made headlines, little has been written about Poland ‘s thinking about building two nuclear reactors, which would be build by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy.

The reactors could go online in 2020 if an agreement was signed in 2014. The capacity would reach 3,000 MW. The country relies on highly polluting coal for 94 percent of its electricity to date. (source)

As its electricity consumption is due to increase over the next decades significantly, and as something has to be done on climate change, it is willing to diversify its energy sources.

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European forests are growing

According to Terra Daily : ” Europe’s forests have expanded over the past 20 years and are thus absorbing more carbon dioxide, a report published in Oslo Tuesday showed, offering some good news in the battle to limit climate change. ”

” According to the report published during a ministerial conference on the protection of Europe’s forests, the continent, including Russian territory, today counts 1.02 billion hectares of forest, accounting for about a quarter of the world’s woods. ”

“Over the last 20 years, the forest area has expanded in all European regions and has gained 0.8 million hectares each year,” reads the report, entitled “State of Europe’s Forests 2011”.

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United Kingdom to halve its emissions by 2025

This is nothing less but historical. According to the WWF : ” The United Kingdom, the first to enshrine reductions in climate change causing emissions into law, today announced a 2025 target of a 50 per cent emissions cut from 1990 levels. “ The UK previously announced that it would cut by 34 percent its … Read more

Global wind capacity grew 24 percent in 2010

To CleanTechies : ” Worldwide installed wind capacity grew by 38.3 GW in 2010, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. That’s an increase of 24% in global wind capacity “. This is as much as what was installed in 2009. China alone installed nearly half of it alone with 18.9 GW. The United States … Read more

Iceland may help power Europe with geothermal

Despite its recent economic harshness, Iceland is rich as it is located on one of the world’s best geothermal hot spots. The potential is so large they are thinking about exporting electricity to neighboring European nations. As Ecogeek noted: “Iceland’s biggest utility, Landsvirkjun, has announced a plan to build the world’s longest undersea cable at … Read more

EU backs away from 30% emissions target. Again !

We have previously seen here that the European Union could easily achieve a 30 percent reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by 2020 (compared to 1990 levels). This would make a lot of sense both environmentally and economically.

Yet the European Commission kept earlier this month on clinging to the 20 percent reduction targets by 2020 when going beyond that is all too feasible. Some news are truly enraging…

We won’t lead, or even partake in the cleantech arms race with goals that can be reached easily. Major achievements in History took courageous decisions.

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