South Korea to enact carbon trading scheme

Things do seem to accelerate on the climate front. South Korea will have in 2015 a national emissions trading scheme that will cover sixty percent of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions. As Reuters noted: ” (t)he programme won approval, despite fears it would hurt the economy, because of the long-term benefits to the country’s huge … Read more

Appaling environmental politics in France

Here we go. The only debate of the French Presidential elections have come and gone. Sunday, Mr. Sarkozy and Hollande will be either reelected or elected as the President of the sixth world economy.

During nearly three hours, none of them have mentioned environmental issues. Peak oil occurred during the last Presidential mandate, but both candidates are acting as if there would be cheap oil for ever and ever.

The next five years are absolutely critical in mitigating climate change AND averting the worsening economic recession because of higher oil prices. Do they care ? It doesn’t seem so.

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Mexico passes ambitious climate law

Yesterday the Mexican Lower House (Chamber of Deputies) passed a most ambitious law to fight climate change.  As the local newspapers report, this was a landslide as there was 280 votes for and only ten against. As Kees van der Leun noted on Twitter, the country would slash by 50 percent its greenhouse gases by … Read more

President Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline

If you aren’t familiar with US environmental politics, you might not have heard about Big Oil’s latest craze : building a 1.700 mile (2,736 km) long pipeline to bring tar sands oil extracted from Canada to the US Gulf coast. After many twists and turns, President Barack Obama – the green Prez that should have … Read more

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