EU Council meeting on energy and climate

The EU Council is meeting today and the major discussion subjects are energy and climate. This meeting is done under the German presidency. German people are generally against nuclear and want to stop their nuclear plants in the very coming years. The discussions today are a lot about the place nuclear energy should take in the future of the EU.

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Latest French statistics on environment

This is my 25th post on this blog and I would like to work for the occasion on a French topic. The INSEE (website), the French statistics agency, published in January the results of a poll dedicated to the place of environmental concerns for French. It also gives an idea of our habits related to environmental concerns and our energy consumption patterns.

The environment protection is important for French people. By reading the page on the INSEE website, I can draw several conclusions. There are some good news and some quite bad. Anyway, we see here that ecological ideas and practices are getting more and more widespread in France.

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Air pollution in Hong Kong

As I wrote previously on this website an article on China and the pollution issues it is facing, I wanted to go deeper in this important problem. This is why I will exemplify with the case of the Hong Kong administrative region.

Hong Kong (also known as HK) is a 6.9-million people urban area constituted by more than 260 islands. It is located in Eastern Asia, and is bordering the South China Sea. Hong Kong has 30 kilometres of regional borders with the People’s Republic of China. This large city has the privilege to enjoy more than 700 kilometres of coastline, which makes it a perfect harbour.

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AREVA to sell two EPR reactors to China

As I indeed got news I wanted to write for quite some time, I take the time today to present you the latest news on nuclear energy.

China signed last month for two new EPR reactors from French AREVA (website). These reactors are third generation ones and has been developed in Europe. Prior to this, China had signed a contract with the US company Westinghouse.

EPR reactors are third generation ones and are even less dangerous that current second generation reactors. Improvements are brought in terms of security as well as in competitiveness. Nuclear waste also should be reduced by 15 to 30 percent. Originally, EPR was developed by France and Germany, hence the name : European Pressurized reactor.

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Renewable energies fair in Lyon tomorrow

Tomorrow in Lyon (France) takes place the renewable energies fair and I will be there for the day. My goal is to meet professionals and give them application files (application letter, resume and recommendation) in French or in English. I will mostly concentrate myself on the sectors of solar (PV and thermal), geothermal energy, wood … Read more

Record profits for oil majors in 2006

2006 will be remembered as a year where the price of the barrel of oil hit shortly $80. Oil is a very lucrative business, to exemplify my statement I will give below the profit earned by the five major oil companies worldwide.

According to the Figaro (dated 2/2/2007, page 22) the average price of the barrel in 2006 was of $69.5 when a year earlier the average was of $51.3. As I write, the price of a barrel is $58.30 at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX ; website). The high prices of oil are the main responsible for so important benefits for oil companies.

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French urged to decrease their electricity consumption

cfl.jpgThe ADEME ( “Agence de l’Environnement et de la MaĆ®trise de l’Energie” ; or Agency for Environment and Energy Conservation ; an official body depending from the French ministries of Environment and Industry ; website ) urged last week French people to decrease their electricity consumption.

This is done after that our country has seen a two percent increase in its electricity consumption in 2006. Meantime, the industrial sector decreased its electricity consumption.

The responsible for the reported raise is the residential sector with its ever increasing amount of appliances.

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US President becoming aware of energy scarcity

usa.jpgLast week on Wednesday evening, US President George W Bush tackled America’s addiction to oil during his seventh State of the Union address.

In order to decrease this addiction, he proposed to increase the mileage standards for both cars and light trucks.

This decision was taken in order to decrease by 20 percent in the next years the global oil consumption.

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An increased oil production in Canada

Last week, Radio Canada announced that their local government will increase in a large way the oil production to answer the demand from the USA. The demand could thus be multiplied by a factor five before 2015. Putting the oil supply from 1 million barrel per day to five million will require to extract more … Read more

On wood

Wood is a great material for many things, ranging from construction material to heat premises. In France, the market is soaring, and this for several reasons.

The first thing that is needed to know is that the French forest is growing, approximately 70.000 hectares per annum. The total land covered by forests in France are 15 million hectares.

It is estimated that the forests have the same size as in the Middle Ages.

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EU to take strong measures on climate change

eu-flag.gifSeen today on the Figaro website ( a leading French daily ) and on Reuters website.

The European Union Commission is meeting today and their topic is energy policy. Climate change is a major subject when it comes to energy and the EU commission clearly understand that.

As a matter of fact, they propose to decrease by 20 percent their emission by 2020 compared to the 1990 levels. They also proposed to cut these emissions by 30 percent if they were to be followed by other countries, including the United States.

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