France is late on its energy transition

I came across several articles on my home country lately and thought it was the occasion to keep everyone updated on how the French energy transition is going on.

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India goes full speed ahead on LED lights

India is nowadays a booming economy, with more people demanding always more energy. But the local government is smart and aware of the staggering potential of energy efficiency as it will replace all streetlights to LED in the next two years. 

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Morocco goes forward on cleantech

It seems Morocco has done a lot in its own energy transition. As RTCC reported the country should be held up as a ‘poster child’ for effective green policymaking according to the World Bank’s top climate official, Rachel Kyte. This occurs as the country has recently cut its fossil fuels subsidies because the government could afford … Read more

Solar and wind are soaring in Australia

The energy transition is taking place in Australia. According to the local website, Renew Economy, that’s pretty much a certainty as no less than 4.4 billion US Dollars – 3.17 billion euros – were spent there in cleantech in 2013. The vast majority of these huge sums – around 2.8 billion USD – were invested in solar … Read more

Japan replaced half of its nuclear reactors by efficiency

Setsuden exampleWe have seen it many times over, energy efficiency is a key component to the energy transition, alongside with renewable energy sources. Energy sobriety / conservation is another often overlooked tool.

As I was reporting all the way back to 2011, after Fukushima, Japan had cut by 15 percent its power usage thanks to conservation measures between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays to prevent blackouts.

According to Climate Progress : ” Japan has managed to replace half its missing nuclear power capacity through energy efficiency and conservation measures that endure three years later. “

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European Investment Bank to provide France 750 million Euros for renewables

I often have my home country, France, is beginning to lag dangerously on renewable energy sources and the energy transition, and this albeit I have witnessed interesting development. But could this change. As I wrote for Cleantechies : ” Covering European environmental and energy policies for Cleantechies got me thinking lately how France is lagging … Read more

The energy transition has reached the French countryside

The Lorraine countrisde in summerWhile I was away for a few days in the Lorraine village where my mom’s family comes from, I noticed a few hints that the energy transition is already taking place and has reached even this quite secluded place.

The first one was both solar thermal and photovoltaic panels sprouting on roofs. While I counted a handful in a few streets, the mayor assured me that around eight were already installed and more would be in the next months.

Only a few years ago there were only one installation and I have been quite impressed by how rapidly they appeared on many different roofs.

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India’s guide to the energy transition

We have seen many times over that the world can be powered by renewable energy sources by 2050.  WWF India has released late last year a report showing how the world’s largest democracy could do the same. As RenewEconomy states, this report also stresses the vital importance of energy efficiency, which ” can bring in … Read more

The energy transition already creates jobs

Green jobsThe energy transition from our model based on a huge majority of polluting fossil fuels to a model based on cleantech technologies such as energy efficiency and renewable energy sources will require a lot of money.

Indeed, we have seen recently that up to a trillion dollar would be needed every year to do so. The major advantage of doing so would be averting the worst of climate change, which would save our civilization.

Besides saving people from pollutions of all sorts, another added benefit – and not the least – would be staggering job creations. The proof in four parts.

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