How energy storage made headlines in 2017

A lot has been said about the booming global capacities of solar and wind in the past few years. But wind works at a maximum 35% of the time for onshore and perhaps 45% for offshore wind. Solar PV is even lower, with 20 to 30% capacity factor. So, backup solutions are being sought. 2017 … Read more

Renewables: how Puerto Rico could turn a crisis into an opportunity

Many of us these days are horrified at the situation Puerto Rico is currently witnessing. An island with a population of 3.5 million people, it currently has very little electricity or water access. 

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Global coal and oil use to peak in 2020

That’s it ! Renewable energy sources and electric vehicles are progressing so fast around the world that according to a new study coal and oil use could peak worldwide in as little as three years.

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Cheap oil won’t kill the cleantech revolution

With the current low prices of oil – they are now around $50 –  one could think that solar, wind and the likes wouldn’t be this interesting as an alternative. Luckily, it isn’t the case at all. Let’s see why.

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Electric cars batteries’ prices to drop by 2015

Now having to commute by car to get to my new job I can’t wait for having an electric car. But current prices are way to high for me to afford one. Luckily, this might change quite quickly. To AutoBlog Green : ” U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu estimates that plug-in vehicle battery costs will … Read more

$260 billion were invested in Cleantech in 2011

Remember my post on how a trillion had been invested in cleantech ? Well, the trend is accelerating as $260 billion (approx. 200 billion euros) were invested in 2011 alone as Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported.

So, everything wasn’t so bad last year and especially not for the United States, which reclaimed their leadership from China in this sector. This was a first since 2008. What would happen if the US Governement was backing cleantech ?

America invested $56 billion and China $47 billion.  Global investments in solar grew by 36 percent to reach $137 billion in 2011.

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South Korea to invest $35 billions in energy

” The South Korean government has announced that it intends to invest $35.4 billion in the renewable energy sector over the next five years as it aims at reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and build a green economy for the future.” “The South Korean government announced the ‘Green Korea’ plan in September 2008 which … Read more

The critical issue of back up power

20 percent of America’s – and perhaps the world’s – electricity could soon come from wind and solar. Our societies thus need reliable, cheap and sustainable energy storage solutions.

Concentrated solar could benefit from molten salts, yet wind energy doesn’t have yet its own solution. German and Swiss utilities are working on Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) as among these solutions.

The first test plant using CAES is due to be completed in 2013 and will be able to store the equivalent capacity of 200 MW during five hours.

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