Africa awakens to renewable energy sources

The African continent is slowly awakening to the renewable energy revolution as sub-saharian nations will invest 5.9 billion Dollars (4.47 billion euros) this year alone.

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The VolturnUS, a US floating wind turbine

VolturnUSI almost never watch news on TV as I find them too depressing and too little focused on the topics that matter to me. So I prefer scanning a few newspapers, my Netvibes page and its many RSS feeds, and, of course, Twitter.

But my dear mom still watches the news and thus came across a short report on how the US State of Maine is investing on offshore wind. This took place just a few days after my own article on how the French Côte d’Opale should too.

To the University of Maine – which is currently testing a floating wind turbine – the State has an offshore wind capacity of no less than 156 GW. Quite an impressive figure.

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An American wind energy revolution

Wind turbineThe US Department of Energy (DOE) has published on its website a series on infographics and a great animation showing how wind energy is rapidly gaining pace and its capacity is booming.

In 2003, there were 185 wind farms online, powering the equivalent of 1.6 million homes ; in 2008, there were 416 wind farms online powering 6.5 million homes. In 2012 there were 815 wind farms online powering 15 million US homes.

Yes, you read that right : in ten years the capacity increased ten-fold. Since President Obama took office, the capacity has been multiplied by more than two.

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The triple crisis, an update of the situation

Here is my first Cleantechies post of 2013. It is about how 2012 was interesting in terms of global effort on climate change. I believe it is a good complement to the post I published last Wednesday. Here is the introduction : ” As a close observer of the energy and climate global scene since … Read more

No (good) news from the Bonn Climate Talks

Here we go again… New climate talks, same disappointment. Preliminary talks took place in Bonn, Germany, to discuss the future of the Kyoto Protocol, which will end next year. To the Guardian, the negotiations aren’t progressing :

Even if they are making progress on ” technical issues “, countries are ” still nowhere near agreement in the three key areas of finance, greenhouse gas emission cuts and the future of the Kyoto protocol. “

Most if not all countries see the current financial and economic crises as excuses for delaying action when they are contrarily to what they think reasons to push the cleantech and energy revolution forward !

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