West-facing panels help solve solar energy’s main problem

There is mounting evidence than West-facing solar panels produce more electricity during peak demand, and thus solve solar’s main problem.

Huge success for Bangladeshi solar company

A solar powered shop in BangladeshThe huge blackout in India that affected 700 million people earlier this month has taught us a valuable lesson : big coal fired plants failed and little solar installations delivered to the point to they look like a no-brainer.

Given this, it is more than probable than the India government will be willing to increase even more its plan for photovoltaic energy and other renewables as it may install 40 GW of solar by 2022.

If they are looking for a successful example, they might not have to look no further than next door, in Bangladesh.

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700 million people in a huge blackout in India

The increasing number of air conditioning appliances – and overall electricity demand – in India had presumably a huge consequence as yesterday, 600 million people went without electricity for several hours.

As the New York Times noted :The world’s largest blackout ever crippled roughly half of India for a second consecutive day on Tuesday, sending officials scrambling for an explanation. “

” The power failure spread across 22 of the country’s 28 states, an area whose population is nearly 700 million, almost 10 percent of the world’s population.

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