Fighting the drought, water efficiency in California

For our Economics classes at Pinchot last year, I – with a few friends and classmates – worked on water in California. My part was focusing on the inefficiency and the leaks occuring in the State. The findings are quite unsettling.

The Social Progress Index is an alternative to GDP

Last quarter for my Economics classes at Pinchot University I had to work – with my friend and classmate Maurice Ayella – on alternatives to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Here is what we found out.

Fossil fuels subsidies are worth $5.3 trillion

$5.3 trillion (or 4.7 trillion euros) : those are staggering figures as they amount to $10 million every single minute. The figures come from the International Monetary Fund, so one can be pretty sure of them. 

Climate action makes economic sense too

There are so many news I’d like to write about that I believe that for today, I’ll propose you some thoughts based on all of them. Please let me know if you like that idea.

Fossil fuels are abundant. So what ?

Last week on Cleantechies, an article caught my attention. Titled ” What if We Never Run Out of Oil? “. The article made me think and I have to say I got quite mad at it as it is promoting fossil fiels just because they they are abundant. They might be, and they can be considered… Continue reading Fossil fuels are abundant. So what ?

The climate movement can succeed. In time ?

US advisor on sustainability and author Paul Gilding recently published on his blog a compelling, fantastic and stunning piece on how victory is at hand for the climate movement. You might believe this is some hyper optimistic hype. However, Gilding keeps piling arguments in his article ; arguments that I have developed on this very… Continue reading The climate movement can succeed. In time ?

Renewables cheaper than coal in Australia

Last week I was reporting that in New Mexico, solar is now cheaper than coal, something that analysts forecast would occur only in three or five years. I was wondering if this was an isolated event or the harbinger of a closer paradigm shift. Well, it seems that it is NOT an isolated event as… Continue reading Renewables cheaper than coal in Australia

Could oil prices increase exponentionally ?

This is the question as we are breaking record high prices. To Reuters: ” Brent oil priced in euros hit a record high on Thursday on heightened tension between Iran and the West while U.S. stocks neared peaks not seen since 2008. “ ” The rise in Brent, the benchmark for European crude and most… Continue reading Could oil prices increase exponentionally ?

Corporate Social Responsibility gains momentum

Here are some good news on business and economics. To Earth & Industry, as appearing in Cleantechies : ” In 1999, fewer than 500 companies issued sustainability reports. That number is now over 3,500.“ ” Once only a concern for a few niche companies with sustainability as a core value and brand differentiator, corporate sustainability… Continue reading Corporate Social Responsibility gains momentum