Latest news of the Great green wall of Africa

With over 1,300 articles published here so far, it is sometimes hard to keep up with old topics. So for today‚Äôs post I would like to present you an update of the Great green wall of Africa Back to 2010 I was writing that several African countries are willing to stop the Sahara desert to… Continue reading Latest news of the Great green wall of Africa

Climate change unites Mediterranean nations

Will fighting climate change become the ultimate fight ? If the Palestinian Authority and Israel can sit at the same table to fight climate change I guess we can save ourselves from warming temperatures. To the AFP: ” Some 15 Mediterranean countries, including Israel and the Palestinian Authority, agreed Friday to work together to combat… Continue reading Climate change unites Mediterranean nations

UN launches the Decade for Deserts

The United Nations are launching the Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification, an effort to improve the protection and management of the world’s drylands, home to over two billion people. Drylands take up 41 percent of the land surface and are threatened by multiple factors such as soil degradation, climate change and unsustainable… Continue reading UN launches the Decade for Deserts

Africa’s Great Green Wall

I once wrote that China planted a great green wall to stop desertification. It seems some African nations are willing to follow this example in order to stop the Sahara from going South. Indeed to the BBC : “The Great Green Wall project is backed by the African Union and is aimed at halting the… Continue reading Africa’s Great Green Wall

Desertification spreads faster and faster

One of the many worrying consequences of climate change and global warming is desertification. To an expert it is currently spreading like cancer in the Middle East and in NorthAfrica. Indeed, to data provided by The United Nations Development Programme’s 2009 Arab Human Development Report desertification is threatening 2.8 million square kilometers of land in… Continue reading Desertification spreads faster and faster

Fighting desertification matters

Today is the World Day to Combat Desertification, an initiative raising awareness about this important phenomenon which decreases the amount of water, food and place available to both Nature and Mankind. As the UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner noted: “Land degradation threatens nearly a billion people in some 100 countries and it is estimated that… Continue reading Fighting desertification matters