21 countries decouple economic growth from emissions

21 countries from Austria to the United States have cut their greenhouse gases emissions while growing their economies in the past 15 years. This proves that decoupling economic growth and greenhouse gases emissions is feasible. 

The European Union already cut its emissions by 23 percent

While the European Union officials – not ” leaders ” – keep on clinging to 20 % emissions reductions by 2020, the Union has already slashed its emissions by 23 percent. This is taking place ahead of the Paris Climate Conference later this year.

Biking is booming globally

I wrote a few months ago that vehicles are getting more and more efficient as efforts are being made in the USA, China and Europe. In the conclusion I was noting that it was good news but that more had to be done in biking among others. It seems to be the case as Courrier… Continue reading Biking is booming globally

100% renewables in Denmark by 2050

You must have read or heard about it by now : Denmark is willing to be powered by a hundred percent renewable energies by 2050. The government have set an interim goal of 35 percent by 2020. Additionally, the country is willing to cut by 34 percent its emissions by 2020 compared to 1990. This… Continue reading 100% renewables in Denmark by 2050

European Energy ministers to meet this week

Some great people are making a difference. Among them is Alice Stollmeyer, one of my most recent “discoveries” on Twitter. Alice is an independent energy policy advisor and specialist in European public affairs. Her first blog post is on the incoming European Energy ministers meeting which will take place between Wednesday and Friday in Denmark.… Continue reading European Energy ministers to meet this week

European Union to tackle housing insulation

I have been advocating housing insulation back to 2006 when I was writing my Master’s thesis at Audencia Nantes Management School. Then I discovered the huge potential of insulating French buildings. Since then I have been dreaming that one day politicians, leaders, and other people in charge would finally understand that weatherizing the million of… Continue reading European Union to tackle housing insulation

Better Place going to China

Do you remember Better Place, the great electric car project ? To Ecogeek : “Better Place has entered into an agreement with Chinese utility China Southern Power Grid to bring their battery swap stations to the Asian country.” “(…) Better Place founder Shai Aggasi sees this partnership leading to a shift in Chinese EV manufacturing… Continue reading Better Place going to China

Is it really about nuclear OR renewables ?

I recently wrote a lengthy comment to an article on CleanTechies. Since it took me some time to write, I think I might share it with you : I never understood people stating it’s either nuclear or renewables as to me we need both. Now I don’t understand the “false choice” of nuclear or fossil… Continue reading Is it really about nuclear OR renewables ?

An offshore wind energy boom in Europe

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) published its annual report and the results are encouraging as the offshore wind energy capacity grew by 54 percent in 2009 with 577 MW. The United Kingdom appears to be leading the sector as it installed more than half of the added capacity of the European Union. And this… Continue reading An offshore wind energy boom in Europe