15 reasons to divest from oil as soon as you can

We have seen that divesting from oil companies is a moral question but it is also a sound economic advice as more and more financial analyst are saying, to the point of ” fossil fuels are the next subprime danger “ as I blogged last year.

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Five very important actions to fight climate change

Money_plantIf you are scared – or even simply concerned – by climate change, odds are that you might have weatherized your place, turned to efficient appliances and lightbulbs and perhaps even ditched your car.

While these actions and many others are quite obvious, they might not have the biggest impacts. Kelly Rigg, the Executive Director of the Global Call for Climate Action published a very interesting article on how you could do much much more.

To her, crowdfunding renewables, buying climate bonds (!), divesting from fossil fuels in your pension and mutual funds, voting with your wallet and joining a climate campaign are the next steps.

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A Kickstarter success, the Nanolight

the nanolightDo you know Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform more used to fund video games and other similar projects ? Well, one of its recent successes is the Nanolight, perhaps the world’s most efficient light bulb.

Only consuming 12 W to offer the light of the traditional 100 W incandescent bulb, the Nanolight was developed by three students from the University of Toronto, Canada thanks to the +$240,000 they gathered (they wanted to gather $20,000).

This light bulb has many other great features including omnidirectional light, full brightness as soon as it is switched on and so on.

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