The huge failure of the Copenhagen conference

The Copenhagen climate conference failed in preparing the future of the Kyoto Protocol. This is even more enraging as at first positive signs kept on piling : the United States and  many developing nations proclamed they would act.

I saw it coming as still too many are elected representatives around the world that don’t understand the benefits a strong climate change accord could bring us all in terms of employment and sustainable energy.

I won’t point fingers at any particular country or group of countries as I believe this is a collective failure. In today’s post you will find a selection of links on this event.

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The Copenhagen climate conference explained

If like many people you don’t understand much about the Copenhagen climate conference which begins today, I have some posts that will help you understand what it’s all about. TreeHugger explains in ten points how we could reach a successful agreement and Good also proposed a series of articles : a primer, the introduction,  the … Read more

Follow the Copenhagen negotiations

COP 15 blue logoFor the duration of the Copenhagen Climate Conference – due to prepare the future of the Kyoto Protocol – I added to the sidebar of this blog the Climate Scoreboard proposed by Climate Interactive.

To the graph the business as usual scenario would increase temperatures by 4.8°C by 2100, current proposals would bring increase in temperatures of 3.8°C while we need to limit these increases to less than 2°C. (see why there)

This means that we already did one third of what we need to do. We have less than two weeks to reach an agreement that would allow us to do the two remaining thirds.

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Europe to go beyond its Kyoto Protocol goals

European UnionThe European Union 15 first members already achieved their Kyoto Protocol goals and will even go beyond. Meanwhile, the 27 members already cut their emissions by 13.6 percent.

These excellent results date of 2007. With the economic recession of the past months, the industrial activity have drastically decreased and thus the emissions and thus slashed even more the pollution.

This is a tremendous success that shows that cutting greenhouse gases emissions is possible with a real political will. If only this could inspire our representatives in Copenhagen in December.

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Copenhagen conference will most likely fail

cop15-copenhagen-logoIt was yesterday’s main news on the environmental front : the Copenhagen climate conference will most likely end up in a failure. We were first hopeful, then we were fearing a stalemate last week. And now this…

It begun on Sunday in the Financial Times as Obama ruled out Copenhagen treaty and ruling out any legal binding for this year as the US Congress keeps on stalling the US Climate Bill.

Instead of reaching an agreement and taking action, what happens next month in Copenhagen will most likelybe remembered as another missed opportunity.

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Towards a stalemate in Copenhagen ?

denmark-flagEven if the United States are going forward on climate change, many analysts around the world believe the COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen next month will end up in a stalemate.

As China and India are stepping up to the climate change issue and as Europe is – albeit moderately ambitious goals – still leading, the United States seem to be stalling the process.

Could America lead once again ? I dream of a speech on cleantech like the moon shot one. A decade to get rid of oil and coal. After all, Al Gore believes it can be done.

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UNEP urges to seal the deal

For World Environment Day the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) started a great initiative to raise awareness on the absolute necessity of sealing a deal in Copenhagen at the end of the year. What our elected representatives will sign then is the beginning of  the Kyoto Protocol successor but also one of the most important … Read more

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