Could we get a composting bin ?

This is the question I am currently asking myself often as I discard every day my used tea leaves – I drink around a litre of tea every single day – and other fruit skin and peel as well as other compostable stuff into my refuse bin. As I have been sorting out my waste… Continue reading Could we get a composting bin ?

Recycling and composting are progressing in Europe

Here is another article I wrote¬† for Cleantechies, this time tackling a vital sustainability issue : our waste, and what we do with it. This post takes a look at what share we are recycling and composting. Here is the introduction : ” According to the European statistics agency, Eurostat, in the 27 members of… Continue reading Recycling and composting are progressing in Europe

Composting matters

Within my current involvement with the local JCI, I have been collecting information about biodegradable waste and composting. This is a question of importance as more than 30 percent of French waste could be biodegradable. Meanwhile, recyclable waste – paper, cartons, glasses – represent just one percent more and are sorted out and recycled. I… Continue reading Composting matters