Seven essential books on energy and climate change

Looking for a summer read with a bit more substance than the latest mystery novel? These seven books are loaded with it. They probably won’t make you shiver, but they will give you insight into the greatest threat facing our planet as well as clear steps that can be taken to address it. Going for carbon neutrality would not only avert the suffering and deaths of million of people in the not-so-distant future, it would also save lives in the present. 

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Our energy landscape abounds with missed opportunities

For my Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions we have had classes all year long on various topics such as renewable energy, water, waste, heat and more. Every month we have indeed been privileged to talk to guest speakers who are specialists in their respective areas.

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District heating and cooling has huge potential

I previously wrote on Cleantechies that more aggressive climate policies could save Europe money and that air pollution costs billions to the European Union. Here is another example of how Europe could save money : ” According to a recent study carried out by Euroheat & Power, the international association of district heating and cooling, the value of energy … Read more

Book review : Crossing the Energy Divide

During my daily hours of commute I have been reading for the past two weeks Crossing the Energy Divide by Robert and Edward Ayres. The thesis defended by the authors is simple :

Between the world of today with an economy relying on fossil fuels and the world of tomorrow relying only on clean and low carbon energy sources, massive investments in energy efficiency are required.

These investments will be able to bridge the gap, the chasm, between these two worlds. This book brings many more ideas and figures.

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