How US companies are going solar massively

This week I am starting a ten-month series based on articles I wrote for my Operations classes for my MBA at Presidio Graduate School. Hope you will like this series !

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So many climate related news in such a short time

Dear all, for my first post in over a month and a half, there is so much I need to write about as a lot happened in this vast world of ours on climate change mitigation.

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Could we reforest the Sahara desert ?

Is this the key to afforestation projects in arid or desert areas ? As hundreds of billion of trees have to be planted over the next decades to avert climate change, the question is of tremendous importance. As Cleantechnica reports, the Gulf state of Qatar is experimenting an interesting project – the Sahara Forest Project … Read more

Global CO2 emissions increase slowed down in 2012

Climate change newsWhat better kind of news than good ones ? So let’s start this month of November by something that will cheer you up as the fight against climate change and rising temperatures may well soon be reaching a turnaround moment.

To a brand new report from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, global carbon dioxide emissions increased in 2012 by only 1.4 percent, which is less than half the average over the last decade.

These great news can be explained by more renewable energies, a shift towards less fossil fuel intensive activities and an increase in energy efficiency.

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Carbon dioxide concentration reaches 400 ppm

400 ppm :  time to actGiven how Humankind keeps on spewing dozens of billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, this was expected : carbon dioxide concentration have reached 400 parts per million.

While this may sound mundane to most people, this is a real event, and one that could have dire consequences. Last time CO2 concentration were this high, temperatures were 8°C (or 14°F ) higher.

Additionally, sea level were significantly higher. Both higher temperatures and higher sea levels would be lethal threats to our civilization.

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Least Developed Countries to cut their emissions

A map of the Least Developed CountriesClimate change is becoming so scary and could be so disruptive and destructive that even nations that are the least responsible for it are ready to cut their own emissions.

The group of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), comprising 49 of the poorest nations of the Planet and accounting for twelve percent of the world population are not waiting for others to act anymore.

Several sources such as The Guardian have stressed how this could unlock the UN talks on climate. Now it remains to be seen if rich nations will act as well.

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South Africa to tax carbon by 2015

Will we have a global carbon tax by 2015 ? Even if it is way too early to tell, here are some news in that direction. After China, South Africa plans to enact a carbon tax by this year. Reuters, Bloomberg and All Africa brings us more details. The tax would be of around $14 … Read more

Celebrating the 25 years of The Montreal Protocol

Despite all the gloom and doom of current events, there are reasons to celebrate, and to hope as the Montreal Protocol turned 25. This was at the time – and it still is – a huge success on environmental and climate issues. Indeed, the World Bank noted that ” The Montreal Protocol, by controlling the consumption … Read more

Chinese emissions are 20% higher than expected

Two different news regarding China hit the twitterverse on the same day last week. First, the bad one : The People’s Republic’s greenhouse gases emissions may have been underestimated by as much as 20 percent.

This huge difference – as much as the annual emissions of Japan, or 1.4 Gt of CO2 –  can be explained by the fact that there are ” inconsistencies of coal consumption between national and provincial statistics “

All this has a lot of repercussions for everyone as it makes climate change mitigation even harder than it was for both scientists and internatinonal negotiation. 

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The inexorable rise of… coal

Yes, you read that right. With all the fuss about renewable energies like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and so on, the energy source that saw its use increase the most recently is the dirtiest of them all : coal.

As the BP Statistical Review 2012 reports : ” Coal was again the fastest growing fossil fuel with predictable consequences for carbon emissions; it now accounts for 30.3% of global energy consumption, the highest share since 1969 ”

Not so long ago, coal accounted for a quarter of the global primary energy, and it was bad enough… I am not sure we will ever be able to save ourselves from catastrophic climate change…

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RGGI slashes emissions in northern US states

Do you remember my enthusiastic post last year on a US “cap-and-invest” program, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (or RGGI) ? Well, it seems that it worked really well. To Climate Progress, the power sector of the nine participating states have slashed its emissions by 23 percent in only three years thanks to the decreased … Read more

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