The COVID-19 Pandemic Throws Oil and Coal Industries in a Tailspin

(This post was published earlier this year on Medium. Sorry for the lack of content this year. Hopefully, 2021 will bring more exciting stories and analysis…) The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought our global economy to a standstill, with fears of the worst recession since 1929. Over 26 millions have already lost their jobs in … Read more

Further evidence on how climate change is VERY serious

Parched earth because of climate changeReaders be advised, this post is a collection of the latest climate change news I have collected the past week. And to tell the truth, the more science on global warming is published, the more alarming it is.

First thing first, concentrations of carbon dioxide have increased in 2012 by no less than 2.67 parts per million since 2011 to total just under 395 parts per million (ppm). While this doesn’t look much, it is still the second-greatest annual rise in CO2.

This huge increase questions our willingness to prevent the worse from taking place. Even if we are acting on climate change, we aren’t doing enough.

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Hope for climate in Davos’ World Economic Forum

world economic forumLast week in Davos, Switzerland, took place the annual World Economic Forum. As the financial crisis of 2008 is drawing to an end, climate change is emerging as a key crisis that has to be addressed as soon as possible. To Reuters :

” Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, summed it up for any Davos doubters: “Unless we take action on climate change, future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried and grilled.”

Now this is some serious talk and I am puzzled that this didn’t end up making headlines on both climate specialized blogs or general news.

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Obama’s second inaugural speech is a new hope

President Obama President Barack Obama delivered his second Inaugural Address this Monday in Washington DC. Climate change got quite a few mentions and it looks like the second term might be the time where the climate crisis is tackled as it should.

However, this was supposed to be the case in his first term. And many analysts – including me – have been deeply dissatisfied with Obama’s lack of work on preserving our environment and climate.

Indeed, even President Obama rejected Keystone XL pipeline it is still a threat to our climate and US ecosystems. Likewise, there are still no solar panels on the White House.

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COP 18 was another major disappointment

Doha COP18Last week COP18 ended in Doha, Qatar. As always, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has failed in addressing the climate crisis.

With the various commitments made there, we are on our way to warming our planet by more than three degrees (see below) whereas 2°C – and sometimes even a mere 1.5°C – is seen as the utter maximum to safety.

This sharply contrasts with the various recent calls for action made by no less than the World Bank, the IEA and the United Nations.

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Another year, another CO2 emissions record

The rise of the PollutionThis is getting really worrying. To the German renewable energy institute, global CO2 emissions rose by 2.5 percent in 2011. The IEA on its side saw a 3.2 percent increase. Global emissions are now 50 percent higher than in 1990.

This is taking place as respected organizations such as the World Bank, the IEA and the United Nations are calling for rapid and massive action. You can’t suspect these people to have an agenda or to have doubts about this.

So either country leaders around the world will finally heed the call or we are doomed to witness global collapse by 2030. It’s now or never.

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21 initiatives to bridge the gap

” Given the big fail at the Rio+20 conference, it is clear that a top down approach by national governments around the world alone won’t cut our emissions enough to avoid a rise of temperatures below 2°C compared to pre industrial levels.” ” Based on this, our civilization has to find a solution, or rather … Read more

New climate talks round starting today in Durban

The 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which is starting today in Durban, South Africa is THE event to follow during the next two weeks. According to Dr. Rajendra Pachauri ” Global climate talks need to focus on the growing threat from extreme weather and … Read more

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project is a success

I recently wrote about Al Gore’s new project, The Climate Reality Project. It took place on September 14th and gathered more than 8.6 million people all over the world. Oddly enough, little to nothing was said or heard about in France.

The one-hour presentation by Al Gore reminded me of An Inconvenient Truth. I would even call it the 2.0 version of this great movie. For this, I am urging you to watch the presentation below. (Watch the two first minutes then go to the 7th minute)

More events will take place in the future. Meanwhile, Maggie L. Fox, President & CEO of  the Climate Reality Project provides us with ways to act.

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Thomas L Friedman : the Earth is full

I have been a huge fan of Thomas L Friedman’s op-ed pieces in the New York Times for years. Here is another one that won’t change my mind about this brilliant journalist and author (See my review of his latest book)

I believe he is one of the best thinkers on our current economic, environmental and energy problems to date. Anyone who is willing to act on these issues should read him.

Indeed, Friedman believes America – and the world as a whole – should start as soon as possible a Green Revolution. I couldn’t agree more.

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Al Gore’s new campaign : Climate Reality

Al Gore certainly contributed to my involvement in cleantech and climate change mitigation. So when he is launching a new campaign – called The Climate Reality Project – I believe this deserves some mention here.

Furthermore, I am amazed on how little attention this got. There were only 1,520 people who watched the video on their website so far. This should get at least a thousand times more! Come on, let’s spread the word!

Launched on Tuesday, the project was the occasion for the Nobel-Prize winner behind An Inconvenient Truth to be interviewed in one of my favorite climate blog, Climate Progress.

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Are we intelligent enough to prevent climate change ?

I really liked The Revenge of Gaia and have a profound respect for its author, the famous scientist and environmental thinker James Lovelock and this, even if I find him particularly pessimistic.

This won’t change as for his first interview in a long time and after the huge failure of the Copenhagen climate summit, Lovelock believes Humans as a species can’t solve climate change.

Please read the full article as it is a great reflection on climate change and the necessary actions we need to take to address the issue.

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