Chinese emissions are 20% higher than expected

Two different news regarding China hit the twitterverse on the same day last week. First, the bad one : The People’s Republic’s greenhouse gases emissions may have been underestimated by as much as 20 percent.

This huge difference – as much as the annual emissions of Japan, or 1.4 Gt of CO2 –  can be explained by the fact that there are ” inconsistencies of coal consumption between national and provincial statistics “

All this has a lot of repercussions for everyone as it makes climate change mitigation even harder than it was for both scientists and internatinonal negotiation. 

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Solving climate change isn’t expensive

Do you remember the Stern Report on climate change ? Back to 2008, it became famous for noting that inaction would cost a fifth of Mankind’s wealth and that solving climate change would cost only ONE percent. Now, the Committee on Climate Change  corroborates the findings by stating that the United Kingdom could slash its … Read more

Al Gore’s new campaign : Climate Reality

Al Gore certainly contributed to my involvement in cleantech and climate change mitigation. So when he is launching a new campaign – called The Climate Reality Project – I believe this deserves some mention here.

Furthermore, I am amazed on how little attention this got. There were only 1,520 people who watched the video on their website so far. This should get at least a thousand times more! Come on, let’s spread the word!

Launched on Tuesday, the project was the occasion for the Nobel-Prize winner behind An Inconvenient Truth to be interviewed in one of my favorite climate blog, Climate Progress.

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UNEP’s 30 ways in 30 days

From today, a month out from the start of the UN Climate Convention meeting in Cancun, Mexico, UNEP will release online case studies to show that solutions to climate change are available and can be copied and scaled up around the world. UNEP’s aim is to show that across the world, in myriad ways, from … Read more

Fighting climate change makes financial sense

MoneySome believe that with the current economic crises we can’t afford to spend extra money on climate change mitigation or on the protection of the environment. However various recent studies show exactly the opposite.

In today’s article will see how and why this is possible. This occurs just a few days after I wrote on how investors demand strong climate change action and how Big Business steps into climate change mitigation

More and more understand that fighting climate change harder than what we are currently doing would not only prevent overwhelming expenses but would also enable us to make billions globally.

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Time to focus on 350

Since this is my 350th post on, I thought it is the perfect timing to focus on the global initiative due to mitigate climate change called 350.

This number refers to the amount of carbon dioxide parts per million (PPM) we shouldn’t go over. We are currently at 387 but it is still time to reverse the trend and go back to the safe levels.

After the We and Together projects and the Défi pour la Terre, it is one more initiative. I hope all this will make people act globally on climate change mitigation.

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