Peugeot to introduce Hybrid Air car

The Peugeot Hybrid AirYour next car could run on air (and gas). The French carmaker Peugeot is working on a vehicle that could run partially on air. Highly efficient, the car will be doing approximately 2.9 liters for 100 kms or 81 MPG.

As the New York Times, the Guardian and Le Figaro [Fr] reported, the Hybrid Air combines a hydraulic drive that recovers energy each time the car brakes or decelerates as well as a conventional thermal engine.

These models would be ideal for urban driving. Due to be sold as early as 2016, it would be cheaper -and more efficient in city driving – than a Toyota Prius.

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Start-stop systems are simple, yet brilliant

A Citroen C3 Stop and startA great innovation I have seen on French cars recently is called Stop and start. Peugeot Citroen (PSA) started selling this anti-idling technology as early as 2006. The gains in urban driving are no less than ten percent…

Indeed, thanks to start-stop systems, the internal combustion engine is automatically shut down while you are stuck in traffic or at the red lights. This important gain reverberates immediately on lowered greenhouse gas emissions.

Years later, Climate Progress tackle the subject by stating it could enable America to save up to 10 billion gallons per year ( around 40 billion liters or 250 million oil barrels )

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La C-Cactus, un prototype hybride chez Citroën

c-cactus.jpgLe secteur des transports est une des principales sources d’émission de dioxyde de carbone, il est donc important de trouver des solutions dans ce domaine.

Alors quand Citroën présente lors du salon de l’automobile de Francfort un prototype qui émet moins de 80 g de CO2 par km, la nouvelle ne peut qu’être saluée.

La C-Cactus est hybride avec une motorisation diesel, et certains la pressentent déjà comme la 2 CV du futur.

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