Charlie Chaplin’s speech in The Dictator

For Christmas, our family reunion is generally the occasion to sing Christmas carols and read texts that are inspiring us. This year I intended to read one of the most inspirational texts of all time:

Charlie Chaplin’s final one in The Dictator. Despite being over seventy years old, there is a lot of things we should use now. Fighting greed, fighting ignorance, fighting hate are prerequisite.

Embracing love and helping each others could sure do wonders today. Keeping faith in such dark times is also much needed.

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One month to Christmas: green gifts ideas

In exactly one month it will be Christmas and it is most likely you will offer stuff to your loved ones. However you may be looking for something more environmentally friendly than the usual. The Daily Green proposes us a list of more than a hundred ideas that will cover all possible needs and persons. … Read more

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