Here comes the miracle rice

I don’t talk about food often here. However, with so many starving people around the world, I should talk more about agricultural advances as feeding nine billion people by 2050 will be the biggest challenge ever faced. To Ecogeek : ” A new type of rice (from) the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore, India … Read more

United Kingdom may need to import cereals

british-wheatI am absolutely no fan of biofuels, and am even believing they are more a problem than a solution as still hundreds of millions people are starving. It seems that it could also pose problem in the richest nations.

Indeed, Green Inc. noted that the United Kingdom may have to resort to cereals imports in its long history if more biofuels were produced on British soil. This strongly reinforces my opinion on the topic.

Biofuels are totally unsustainable, let’s admit it. I hope more countries – like the European Union – will acknowledge this and stop their ambitious plans in this once promising solution.

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Soaring cereal bills and the riots of hunger

The prices of cereals keep on increasing in an important way and numerous riots of hungers already occured in many countries of South America, Africa and Asia.

Biofuels aren’t the only reason for such increases – we will see below that many other factors were also involved – but they contribute in an important way.

As you can imagine, such a situation is worrying the UN food and agriculture experts from the FAO as well as many specialists.

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How to grow more rice with less water

Rice is the most consumed cereal in the world and is the base of food for half the world population. It is also very water intensive.

Meanwhile, water scarcity problems are already increasing in India and China, and will increase even more with climate change.

So when the WWF writes a report on a method that decreases the water needs of rice culture, (System of Rice Intensification or SRI), one can be interested by the findings.

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