Stunner : carbon dioxide role known as early as 1932

While vested interests are still denying the warming role in our atmosphere of carbon dioxide, TreeHugger has unearthed a study from early as 1932 showing that this gas is actually warming our Planet. This was 81 years ago ! I had heard or rather read that this was known from at least since the 1980s … Read more

Why I am against fracking

I was pleased to see the previous French conservative government had banned fracking and I am equally pleased to see that the new liberal government – elected in May – kept it banned.

So there is a political consensus against it, at least in France. This is a good thing as fracking is, let us not mince words, dangerous. This was clearly shown in the recent European report.

Hydraulic fracturing uses a lot of water, contaminates water tables, both being a huge problem as droughts are becoming more and more frequent as climate warms.

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Celebrating the 25 years of The Montreal Protocol

Despite all the gloom and doom of current events, there are reasons to celebrate, and to hope as the Montreal Protocol turned 25. This was at the time – and it still is – a huge success on environmental and climate issues. Indeed, the World Bank noted that ” The Montreal Protocol, by controlling the consumption … Read more

Microsoft to become carbon neutral

Little by little, Big Business understands that climate change has to be addressed. The last example is Microsoft as it is willing to become carbon neutral as early as July 1st, 2012. As Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO, noted : ( Microsoft wants ) ” to infuse carbon awareness into every part of our business. To … Read more

IEA pushes for more renewables, efficiency, faster

The prestigious International Energy Agency published this week an interesting report on both renewables and efficiency and how they are being deployed. The results are clear :

Despite growing very fast, cleantech is not growing fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change. Under the business as usual scenario, temperatures would warm by 6°C this century.

Among many other measures, the IEA stresses the importance of ending fossil fuels subsidies, deploying carbon capture and storage and promoting energy efficiency everywhere.

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Ocean acidification at its highest in million years

I had written about this very topic last month. To the New York Times green blog : ” A new scientific paper suggests that the ocean is acidifying at a rate that is many times faster than at any time in the past 300 million years. “ ” The change is occurring so rapidly that it raises … Read more

New 21st century idea for Lent : giving up carbon

Here is a great idea for the million of Christians around the world. To Climate Progress : ” For many Christians, the 40-day period of fasting and reflection before Easter known as Lent is a chance to get in mental and spiritual shape. “ ” (…) this year, thousands of Christians worldwide are making a … Read more

Oil refining : another reason to prefer electric cars

While browsing my tweets of January and February, I found an interesting article giving a new reason of why electric cars and vehicles in general are great and necessary in a low carbon economy.

Indeed, removing the need for oil not only reduces greenhouse gases emissions from the burning of that said oil, but also of refining it. The latter activity being to Solar Charged Driving higly energy and water intensive.

It indeed takes 6 kWh to refine a gallon (3.8 liters) of gas. This is why  It takes more electricity to drive the average gasoline car 100 miles than it does to drive an electric car 100 miles.

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China could introduce a carbon tax in 2015

China is facing a grim future because of climate change, massive pollutions and increasing prices of fossil fuels. To curb its booming energy consumption, it may soon introduce a carbon tax. As China Daily noted : ” China is considering levying a carbon tax within the next three years to tighten its regulations on polluting … Read more

Global emissions soared by SIX percent in 2010

To the AFP : ” Harmful carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels made their biggest ever annual jump in 2010, according to the US Department of Energy’s latest world data released this week. “

Global greenhouse gases emissions rose by SIX percent compared to 2009. This represents no less than 564 million more tons of carbon. Out of this, China is responsible for almost half of it alone. US emissions kept rising too…

Such an increase – when we have to stabilize our emissions and even slash them by a factor three by 2050 – is a really bad omen for our common future…

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Russian permafrost could shrink by 30 percent

Here is another reason to act quickly and massively on climate : as we have seen previously, permafrost in Russia and other countries from these latitudes are trapping vast quantities of methane, a very potent greenhouse gas.

But as temperatures rise and rise and as the climate gets weirder and weirder, vast quantities of permafrost could melt by mid-century, thus releasing huge amounts of methane.

As the AFP noted last week :Russia’s vast permafrost areas may shrink by a third by the middle of the century due to global warming “

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A new idea : Carbon Capture and Utilization

Since carbon capture and storage (CCS) doesn’t make much sense and is nowhere near being ready (we have seen it here and  there), why not capture carbon and simply use it ? To CleanTechnica :

” Rather than treating carbon dioxide as a waste, technology, energy, industrial and power industry participants, would be better served investing in researching and developing Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) systems.”

I think that applying the 3R to something as huge as CO2 is great idea. Indeed, using something previously seen as waste is typically sustainable. Let’s hope these applications will reach daylight soon.

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