Carbon sinks are becoming less efficient

This is ” the latest inconvenient truth about climate change ” : Nature absorbs less and less carbon dioxide and this as we keep on increasing our emissions. The Washington Post recently published an interesting article on this. Both forests and oceans absorb carbon dioxide and act as carbon sinks. This phenomenon is less and less … Read more

Healthy oceans matter in climate

Blue carbon healthy oceans UNEP reportA new report published by many agencies of the United Nations – including the FAO, the UNEP and the UNESCO – shows that maintaining healthy oceans is a vital topic for climate change mitigation.

Indeed, more than half of the carbon dioxide captured by Nature is captured by oceans and seas. Coastal ecosystems like mangroves forests play a preponderant role in this regard.

Since these particular areas are especially threatened by urban development and may disappear within the very next decades it is high time to tackle this specific issue

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Climate change keeps on accelerating

Just after I published an article on how many islands around the world are due to disappear because of climate change, the WWF brings us more data on this very topic.

To their latest studies, it seems that global warming is accelerating as time goes and thus the threat of rising sea levels increases dramatically.

This report is published just days before the discussions in Poznan (Poland) that will prepare the future of the Kyoto Protocol. Time is running out…

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