Renewables: how Puerto Rico could turn a crisis into an opportunity

Many of us these days are horrified at the situation Puerto Rico is currently witnessing. An island with a population of 3.5 million people, it currently has very little electricity or water access. 

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6.5 million people ( and I )

Green jobs now !This is the amount of people that are currently working in the renewable energy industries according to a recent report from the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency )

Bioenergy ( everything from liquid biofuels to modern biomass and biogas ) have the largest contingency with 2.5 million people (with 1.4 million, 0.8 million and 0.3 million respectively)

Additionally 2.3 million people are working in the solar photovoltaic sector and 800 000 more work in the wind sector.

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Germany is the example on renewables

GermanyWhile the French socialist party is targeting Germany for being too selfish, I thought it would be the ideal time to show how this country has understood vital lessons on renewables others didn’t.

For years if not decades, Deutschland has been at the forefront on energy efficiency and renewables. I wrote many articles here on how the country is leading on these crucial economic sectors.

It doubled the share of renewables in its electricity mix in only seven years. They now account for over 22 percent of the total. Solar PV accounts for a quarter of that.

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Policy makers: to create jobs, invest in cleantech

Ever since I created a Facebook page for this website, I have been sharing stuff from non governmental organizations. This allowed me to find a compelling image about an oft missed argument about cleantech : it creates lots of jobs. So to data gathered by, investing one million dollars would create 5 jobs in … Read more

India to add 30 GW of renewables by 2017

India is willing to increase significantly its clean energy output as it is willing to reach 53 GW by 2017. In the next five years it will add almost 30 GW, to be compared to the 13 GW added to the grids in the last five years. As Bloomberg notes : ” to add 15,000 … Read more

Renewables deliver 20% of global electricity

To the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century and their latest Global Status Report : ” In 2010, renewable energy supplied an estimated 16% of global final energy consumption and delivered close to 20% of global electricity.” ” Renewable capacity now comprises about a quarter of total global power-generating capacity. (…) Global solar PV production … Read more

UN : resource consumption may triple by 2050

To Cleantechies : ” A new UN report warns that humans could triple the natural resources they consume by 2050 unless economic growth is “decoupled” from current consumption rates.” ” In developed nations, individuals consume an average of 16 tons per capita of minerals, ores, fossil fuels, and biomass each year, and as much as … Read more

IPCC : Renewables could answer 77% of our needs

This week was published another new landmark report from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This one is focusing on renewable energies as no less than 164 scenario where studied.

You may have read it, one of them notes that energy sources like solar, wind and biomass could answer up to 77 % of our needs by the middle of this century. This is not surprising as the WWF even believes they could answer ALL of them.

Much has been said about this on countless websites and newspapers such as the New York Times but I would like to point out a few things.

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Thailand to install 4.300 MW of renewables

According to Renewable Energy World, Thailand is on its way to install more than four gigawatts of renewable energy capacity in the very next years thanks to an innovative feed-in tariffs system dedicated to small local projects. Solar thermal and biomass constitute the majority of projects with 1,400 MW and 2,100 MW respectively. Since the … Read more

Brazil to invest $5.5 billion in renewables by 2013

According to CleanTechies : ” The Brazilian government earlier this month held a wind, hydroelectric and biomass auction that is expected to prompt US$ 5.52 billion in investments in renewable energies in Brazil. “ ” (…) Brazil currently holds 65 percent of the installed potential for wind power generation in Latin America. The country currently … Read more

Biochar and its potential role

To CleanTechies : « Biochar is charcoal type created by the pyrolysis of biomass, and differs from ordinary charcoal only in the sense that its primary use is not for fuel, but for biosequestration or atmospheric carbon capture and storage.» «As much as 12 % of the world’s human caused greenhouse gas emissions could be … Read more

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