Four cheap solutions to climate change

For my first article since hurricanes Harvey and Katrina, I could have written another article on how not solving climate change would cost us trillions of dollars. Instead, here is an article that shows that despite what deniers and others naysayers are telling us, doing so could actually be pretty cheap.

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Four reasons why I cycle to school

For the past few weeks I have been cycling to and from Pinchot University where I am studying for my MBA in Sustainable Business. I believe this was the right decision for many reasons.

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The United States are entering a post-oil world

When Bloomberg writes that in the United States  Big Oil Is About to Lose Control of the Auto Industryyou know there is something going on, especially when they rely on solid BNEF study and data. 

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Our civilization is 98 percent energy inefficient

You know it if you have been reading this blog for some time : I am an energy efficiency nut. While less sexy than renewables, consuming energy more efficiently is just the most important part of our transition towards sustainability.

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A great Japanese idea to park bikes

Giken Eco CycleWhile browsing my RSS feeds, I found on Inhabitat a great idea on how to park dozens of bikes without wasting space in streets. Only eight meters wide and eleven meters deep, a single Eco Cycle parking can store 204 bikes.

The Japanese company Giken has installed many of these in Tokyo and around Japan. Given how both biking and bike sharing are becoming more and more popular around the world, I am sure this product could sprout globally.

I just love how Japanese people and companies find creative ideas : with all the freed above ground space, city councils could plant thousands of trees instead.

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Bike sharing is booming too

Last week I was reporting that biking is booming in cities around the world. Grist wrote about how bike sharing is an essential component of this phenomenon as they are more than 500 cities in 49 countries with bike-sharing programs. Collectively, they represent as many as 500,000 bicycles combined. This just might be the beginning … Read more

Biking is booming globally

La Vie Vélo - Courrier InternationalI wrote a few months ago that vehicles are getting more and more efficient as efforts are being made in the USA, China and Europe. In the conclusion I was noting that it was good news but that more had to be done in biking among others.

It seems to be the case as Courrier International shown last July. Around the world, from Buenos Aires to Hangzhou and from New York to Moscow or Copenhagen, more and more people are biking.

This is good news as bikes are a great solution to many problems that are plaguing our communities : obesity, traffic congestion, energy use and air pollution.

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Prepare yourself ! Climate resilience

prepare yourselfSome people prepare for Judgment Day, some others for a Zombie apocalypse. A few prepare for an alien invasion or when their government will start going dictatorship on them. I won’t discuss here these eventualities.

However I seriously advise you to increase your climate resilience. With a warming and weirding climate, as well as with increasing resource scarcity,  all kinds of disruptions are due to occur sooner rather than later.

This is why the first step is to slash the amount of resources you use. Whether we are talking about basic commodities or gizmos and gadgets, consuming less is always a good idea.

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Global bike sharing news

I have been blogging here many times over on how biking and bike sharing are great sustainable solutions to fossil fuels depletion, high oil prices, air pollution and traffic congestion. While browsing Cleantechnica in search of great articles to share with you all, I found a blog solely dedicated to bike sharing and the many … Read more

Towards sustainability, reloaded : transport

(Word of caution : this is a repost from an old series) For the fourth installment of these series – see the previous articles on heating, electricity and water– I would like to propose you a selection of the best tips to help you using less your car.

Doing so is good for your health, your budget, your community and our common environment. It is also one of the most efficient step to cut your greenhouse gases emissions.

Spring is the best moment to do so as the weather is becoming more clement and allows to get back on our bikes. It is also the best way to prepare for summer.

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Two luminous ideas for bikes (Video)

With the incoming energy scarcity crisis, we are all due to rediscover one way or another the many advantages of biking as fueling our cars will get more and more expansive. Bikes are great, but a tad dangerous when the night comes.

Luckily for all the bikers of the night, Treehugger have been publishing an article on not one but two great ideas : Revolights – which is currently looking for funds – and AURA, a project by two students of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Both systems put lights into the wheels themselves. I don’t know about you but these projects make me think of the movies Tron. Below you will find the videos of the projects.

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