Chinese coal consumption is slowing

Smog in ChinaThis could be world-changing news. According to Xinhua, the Chinese State media agency :China’s coal consumption growth slowed in 2013, with the price of coal declining, according to the China National Coal Association

Several factors are explaining this : old inefficient coal-fired plants are being closed and replaced by more efficient ones, environmental protection is being strengthened and the economic growth of the country as a whole is slowing down.

As a result, coal consumption in China grew by 2.6 percent only last year, a huge change from the 9%  or more annual growth witnessed in 2009.

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Huge success for Bangladeshi solar company

A solar powered shop in BangladeshThe huge blackout in India that affected 700 million people earlier this month has taught us a valuable lesson : big coal fired plants failed and little solar installations delivered to the point to they look like a no-brainer.

Given this, it is more than probable than the India government will be willing to increase even more its plan for photovoltaic energy and other renewables as it may install 40 GW of solar by 2022.

If they are looking for a successful example, they might not have to look no further than next door, in Bangladesh.

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Californians voted NO on Prop 23

To the Huffington Post : ” California progressives have demonstrated that we have the power to deliver a resounding defeat to the big oil companies, if we fight on our own terms and harness the power of the grassroots.”

” Proposition 23, had it passed, would have effectively repealed the state’s landmark global warming law. California is the world’s 12th largest emitter of greenhouse gases”

” Its global warming law, passed in 2006, mandates the largest legislated reductions in greenhouse gases in the world. “

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