Better Place going to China

Do you remember Better Place, the great electric car project ? To Ecogeek : “Better Place has entered into an agreement with Chinese utility China Southern Power Grid to bring their battery swap stations to the Asian country.” “(…) Better Place founder Shai Aggasi sees this partnership leading to a shift in Chinese EV manufacturing … Read more

A brilliant video on electric cars and Better Place

Better PlaceAt first I wasn’t that convinced that electric vehicles were the solution to end our oil addiction and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. But reading Sustainable Energy – Without the hot air changed that.

Before proposing you a series of articles on electric vehicles (it will begin after my series on nuclear) I would like to share with you a presentation Shai Agassi did at TED Talks earlier this year.

In less than twenty minutes the video explains very well the history and development of Better Place as well as the tremendous advantages of electric cars.

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Better Place : an interesting project of hybrid cars

Even if oil prices decreased during the last weeks – as I write these lines they are around $120 at the NYMEX – there is no doubt they will soar again and reach $200 in the very next months.

Since our transportation habits are depending so much on this energy source, it is high time for our societies to change and shift to hybrid or full electric cars.

An Israeli investor, Shai Agassi, is banking on the latter with his project Better Place that may become a reality in his country but also in the UK, Portugal and Denmark.

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