IPCC published another grim report on climate

The IPCC have published another draft of report that should be a wake-up call for all nations. Indeed, climate change is becoming each year more frightening, more dangerous and more difficult to stop.

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The Arctic is melting to record low levels

These are bad bad news. As the New York Times Green blog notes : “Next week, Arctic sea ice may melt to its smallest size since data collection began in 1979, according to the lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

The summer of 2007 holds the record for sea ice melt, when the minimum area of the Arctic sea ice recorded was 39 percent smaller than the average minimum from 1979 to 2000.”

As the Atlantic Wire notes : “The ice over the Arctic Ocean is shrinking at record rates this year, a stark signal of global warming, scientists say.”

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The too many little oil spills of Russia

Here is something we never heard about before. To the Associated Press : ” Environmentalists estimate at least 1 percent of Russia’s annual oil production, or 5 million tons, is spilled every year. That is equivalent to one Deepwater Horizon-scale leak about every two months. Crumbling infrastructure and a harsh climate combine to spell disaster … Read more

The last great water fight for the Mackenzie River

While reading Courrier International one article on the MacKenzie river recently caught my attention. It was first published by The Walrus, a Canadian magazine published by a non-profit charitable foundation. Here is an extract :

” the Mackenzie River empties a watershed nearly the size of Western Europe into the Arctic Ocean. Draining half of Alberta and most of the Northwest Territories, (…) the Mackenzie is one of the world’s great water arteries.

This huge river is being heavily exploited by the oil industry, and this poses a threat of global importance to climate change. See why.

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