Sustainable architecture : Earthship Biotecture

While browsing the Internet I discovered something that is completely in adequation with the topics tackled here, such as sustainability, energy and water use and scarcity and so on. Earthship Biotecture is about : “ radically sustainable buildings made with recycled materials. Earthships can be built in any part of the world, in any climate … Read more

A creative idea for the plastic in our oceans

I don’t know if this the most interesting or the craziest idea I came across this year : WHIM Architecture outlined a plan to create Recycled Island which would collect plastic in our oceans and use it to build an Hawaii-sized island. On top of cleaning our oceans from all this mess this project could … Read more

A great idea for tiny apartments

In the age of scarcity, space can be a very expensive commodity. Hong Kong architect Gary Chang had an awesome idea to solve this : he transformed his 32 square meters appartment into a much bigger one with sliding walls.

This very simple yet ingenious idea allows him to have in a relatively secluded place many different rooms such as a library, a full kitchen, a bathroom with a tub and a spare bedroom. He even has a laundry room !

As you can imagine such a creative idea has travelled all around the world and Mr. Chang’s appartment was featured in the New York Times, the AFP and TreeHugger.

Read more

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