A massive drought strikes Brazil

In the land of carnavals, I had read that some festivities had been cancelled because of the lack of water, so I knew something was wrong in Brazil. In fact, it is the worst drought in 84 years ! 

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Pope Francis to urge a billion Catholics to act on climate

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, is due to call over a billion Catholics to act on climate. Ahead of the Paris Climate talks later this year, this is a big move that may even more tilt the balance on action.

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The carbon tax works : British Columbia edition

Carbon taxWe have  seen in previous articles on how taxing carbon makes a lot of sense. Ireland and Australia have already implemented them with resounding successes. Both China and South Africa are planning to enact one by 2015.

Now the Economist and Grist published articles on a third example of a successful carbon tax implementation, and one pretty close to the United States as it is in British Columbia (Canada)

And it is pretty much astounding as overall emissions there fell by as much as ten percent between 2008 and 2011. Let’s hope it is continuing that trend.

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The triple crisis, an update of the situation

Here is my first Cleantechies post of 2013. It is about how 2012 was interesting in terms of global effort on climate change. I believe it is a good complement to the post I published last Wednesday. Here is the introduction : ” As a close observer of the energy and climate global scene since … Read more

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